Wednesday, November 19

on the shelf

Technically, not a bookshelf, I know, but I took this photo of the day in the office library, so it sort of counts, right?

Have you ever fallen for someone's... bookshelf? has a super cute tale about two book lovers who fell in love via a bookshelf.

I'll admit to poking around some guy's virtual bookshelf in FaceBook, crammed with Philip Roth, Anthony Burgess, VS Naipaul and lots and lots of Hemingway. Impressive, yes, but I also knew then that it was not meant to be (not that there was anything to be in the first place).

Having said that (hahaha, private joke at the expense of my student), finding a man who is literate is not an easy task, let alone one who is a voracious reader.

Not too surprisingly, the books on my (physical) shelf which garnered the most male interest have to be my musty yellowed copies of Lord of the Rings from prehistoric times (ie. before the movies were even a germ of an idea in Peter Jackson's head).

Much as I love to read, I'm unlikely to swoon over a guy's bookshelves, even if there is an entire section devoted to Murakami. Now, a cool photostream on the other hand, that is worth a thousand words.

Monday, November 17

better than shit

I think I busted a gut trying not to laugh out loud while watching these at work. It's like a game of Taboo, but using English to describe Chinese words. I know, it's very bad to laugh at people's poor language skills, but I can't help it.