Wednesday, June 30

food diary
prawn noodle soup
four giant slices of beef jerky [oh how I lurve beef jerky!]
a couple of forkfuls of fried Hokkien mee, oyster omelette and carrot cake
six sticks of satay
half fried fish in tomato sauce
stir-fried beansprouts
red date soup
one slice of orange
10 grapes

Tuesday, June 29

beebee, be gone

So upset after my sis told me her friend caught a glimpse of us while shopping and described me as "slightly plump". Almost gave in to the self-fulfilling prophecy and gobbled down 10 packets of Beebee, but with great self-control, I managed not to pull open my Beebee drawer. [And yes, I have a whole drawer devoted to Beebee. Why, cannot izzit?]

From tomorrow, I swear I will only eat one packet a day. You can monitor my food diary daily and send me admonishing/encouraging comments. I’ll be monitoring my weight until someone calls me "slightly skinny".

food diary
liver soup [half portion of mee suah]
apple and aloe vera juice
stir-fried broccoli
three otah
steamed fish
grilled chicken breast and wing
half portion rice
one pear
three pieces keropok

Monday, June 28

sissy shopping

Gave in to the GSS, which apparently does not only mean Great Singapore Sale, but also Go Shopping Suzanne.

But succumbing to temptation isn’t that bad when you are shopping with your sissy [which is what my sis and I call each other], because

-- you get double mileage [we wear the same size for clothes and shoes, though she is taller]
-- you can both squeeze into a fitting room to save time
-- you get an honest opinion if that blouse makes you look fattish [a word my sissy and I invented, which should by right be in the English dictionary because it is so apt]
-- you have someone to help carry those shopping bags
-- you can share a cab home when you are too tired to take the bus

food diary
egg tart
seafood soup
barley drink
steamed fish
spinach and fishball soup
two Beebee

Sunday, June 27

food diary
half an S tart [childhood fave of shortbread covered with chocolate]
one slice homemade marble cake
laksa with extra hum
two Beebee
four assorted fried balls
some fried noodles with chicken curry
some chili sotong
two small pieces of fried chicken
two small portions of Italian dessert wine
yong tau foo
fried radish

Saturday, June 26

food diary
chee cheong fun
two sotong balls
six otah
half bowl tau huay
four maki
Japanese seafood salad
chili flavoured topshell
tori karaage
green tea
half packet Ribena Pear
half scoop blackberry ice-cream
half scoop strawberry ice-cream
three-quarter portion of beef noodle
one glass soya bean milk
half packet Mentos
one Hacks

Friday, June 25

me me me

Have been playing with my blog [since I don't have a dog to play with]. Finally got round to adding some personal stuff. Other categories to come include music, food, websites... Did I ever mention that I love making lists?

food diary
tea with milk
bak kut teh with half bowl of rice
Thai-style chicken pasta
half an orange
half a guava
one-third packet of keropok
one piece chocolate
Two Beebee

Thursday, June 24

food diary
two hot dogs
Slim A Soup
giant plate of fried rice [and I ate every grain]
two Beebee

Wednesday, June 23

pottering around

Over the course of three weeks, I have watched:
- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on TV
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on DVD
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in the cinema

Why do they take so long to film each movie and why does J.K. Rowling take so long to produce each increasingly-weighty tome? The wait is too long... Should I re-read all the books in the meantime? Do I have enough energy in my arms?

food diary
giant ham and cheese sandwich [made with mother's lurve]
half portion prawn noodle soup
few mouthfuls of bak kut teh
iced Milo [freaking 181 calories per can]
some forgotten dinner which probably included half portion of rice

Tuesday, June 22

who doesn't love chocolate?

Smothered in chocolate reads like the description of some sinfully rich dessert. Well, for two hours today, my entire body was one calorie-laden dessert.

First a scrub with cocoa powder, followed by a yummy massage that left my bones almost as soft as the melted chocolate that covered me. Next, I was given what was called the chocolate fondue treatment and wrapped up for an hour in -- you guessed it -- chocolate. Finally, after I washed all that gooey goodness off, chocolate cream was smoothed over me.

I left with a craving for some rich dark chocolate. And smelling as edible as a brownie.

food diary
two slices pizza
two cups tea
half portion nachos with cheese [it was eaten in the dark, so not counted, right?]
half portion of kachang putih [ditto]
half a regular Sprite
five Swedish meatballs
three chicken wings from Ikea
one glass Miranda Orange
[Still haven't satiated my craving for chocolate, so will have to substitute now with Beebee]

Monday, June 21

hair apparent

Just when I am getting used to my new messy bed head, two people saw me for the first-time, post-hair cut. Now these two are friends whose opinions I value -- not that I don’t value the opinions of those who gave me kind comments -- and who I regard as having excellent taste -- not that those who complimented me have no taste -- ok, I think I should stop with these disclaimers and get on with it.

So anyways... The verdict is that the haircut suits me, and I have a “stylish, just stepped out of salon” look.

And there I was thinking that I look like my paperdoll, Curly Sue.

food diary
ham and cheese bun from Breadtalk
minced pork noodles [half portion noodles]
veggie with oyster sauce
fish cake
tomato soup
chocolate finger
two Beebee

Sunday, June 20

time waster

A slow Sunday at work... Amusing myself with this mindless quiz.

food diary
hot chocolate
half-boiled egg
plain muffin
two pieces of deep-fried chicken
three pieces dark chocolate
minced pork with Szechuan veggie
prawn with veggie
potato and carrot soup [double portion, cos it's my fave soup in the whole wide world]
half portion rice
two Beebee

Saturday, June 19

beautiful mannequin

Almost went for an exhibition, Beautiful Dragon, at the Singapore Art Musem today. Very drawn towards the lush, sensual, and dare I say almost erotic quality of the works of the French artists Pierre et Gilles.

I'm probably infringing some copyright law, but what the heck. This is my favourite, La Petite Abeille. Apparently, it means The Small Bee, which makes no sense to me.

And now diverging from the topic on a tangent... I've decided to name my mannequin Jaime. It's a suitably unisex name for a cross-dressing male model which is currently wearing a frilly petticoat as a cape on the shoulders.

food diary
bak chang
tea with sugar
you tiao
five slices guava
seven Beebee [I didn't have lunch, ok!]
steamed fish
vegetable in oyster sauce
half bowl of rice
half an orange
two slices star fruit
one plum

Friday, June 18

food diary
chocolate Beard Papa
roast chicken rice [half portion rice, but I ate breast meat including the sinful skin]
Slim A Soup [only 54 calories per serving, or so it claims on the box]
gigantic takeaway portion of beef horfun
two Beebee
half a box of Clorets

Thursday, June 17

food diary
Thai-style chicken bun
tea with milk
seafood soup [without any evil carbos]
barley drink with lemon
[Oh dear! I forgot to record and now I can't recall what I had after lunch. But I'm sure I ate two Beebee, as per normal.]

Wednesday, June 16

food diary
half a ham and cheese sandwich
meatballs, pasta [half portion] and mystery soup of the day
cheesy choc bar
Campbell's Seafood Soup
two Beebee

Tuesday, June 15

food diary
ham and cheese sandwich
10 grapes
four pieces of chocolate
yong tau foo with soup
xiao bai cai with oyster sauce
half portion rice
one slice mango
one chocolate finger
two Beebee

Monday, June 14

who scored?

"I hope France loses."

That was my rude and slightly drunken parting shot to the obnoxious Frenchman at Velvet on Saturday who thought he was flattering me by offering me a kiss. I think I also told him I would much prefer if he bought me and my gal friends something from his country, like champagne for instance. I'm cheap like that, but he was even cheaper and refused.

I kept asking him why he wasn't watching Euro 2004 like any other normal man, instead of pestering women at clubs, but he said he wasn't a dickhead. I beg to differ.

But anyway, turns out that my curse didn't work. France won. Bugger.

food diary
tea with sugar
chicken bun
mee soto [half portion noodles]
yong tau foo [half portion noodles]
two Beebee

Sunday, June 13

girls juz wanna have fun

Usually, the anticipation of a night out never lives up to expectations. Fortunately, this didn’t happen on our girls’ night out last night.

Drank to the point of happiness, toasted to New York and Seattle for Ginnie, rebuffed an obnoxious Frenchman who insisted on giving me a kiss, danced to monotonous music at Velvet, batted eyelashes at the bouncer at Zouk who happened to be the Frog Song guy on Eye For A Guy, had a satisfyingly salty supper and couldn’t stop giggling at Albernana.

food diary
mee goreng [half plate]
one slice mango
Szechuan soup
tofu with spinach
roasted chicken, breast meat
breaded scallop
fried bread
half a century egg
beef udon
yam puff
some sort salted egg cake [a very small slice and surprisingly delicious]

Saturday, June 12

food diary
roti prata
sotong ball
two otah without chili [not as vile as it sounds, very nice and bouncy in fact]
soya sauce noodles [half portion noodles]
watermelon martini
lychee martini
two champagne
two Cowboys
three apple shooters
teochew porridge with many many side dishes

Friday, June 11

gong gong gong

After more than three hours of mahjong, the result was a dismal 15-cent loss. We really should raise the stakes.

Equally unsatisfying was the island-wide search for Milo Dinosaur in the middle of the night. Drove all the way to Changi, but the nasi lemak was sold out and the drinks stall was closing as well. Thwarted yet again when we went to coffee shop which claimed to be open 24 hours, but had no food left at 4am. In the end, had to be fill our tummies with you tiao, tau huay and dumplings.

food diary
tong tau foo without noodles
siew mai
rice with seafood soup, tofu, prawn paste chicken and sweet-sour pork
two glasses Ribena
midnight supper of you tiao, tau huay and dumplings

Thursday, June 10

food diary
half-boiled egg with soya sauce
Nonya rice with pork, chicken and string beans
gula melaka kueh
jam sandwich
dumpling soup
giant slice of bak kwa

Wednesday, June 9

buy buy, bye bye

This extremely amusing advert isn't a hoax. Ginnie is selling off her furniture before uprooting to Seattle. I'm just helping her to spread the word. She's got a BMW for sale and a nice apartment to rent out too, if anyone's interested.

food diary
half a jam sandwich
soya sauce chicken noodles [half portion noodles]
handful of Indian snack
fish in tomato ketchup
red date soup
three-quarters bowl of rice
three plums
half a pear
two Beebee

Tuesday, June 8

maid for a day

A few of us dressed up as maids a couple of Saturdays ago as part of an exhbition/performance art installation by Ana Prvacki [pretty girl in white uniform] and her Ananatural Maid Agency.

We had to fill in an actual maid employment form, with fields such as ability to cook, look after children and willingness to care for pets [answers: no, no and yes]. The exercise puts you in the shoes of others. It also makes me glad not to be born in Indonesia or the Phillippines, cos I have absolutely no maid skills.

The exhibition is on now until 18 June at 21 Tanjong Pagar, #02-01 & #03-01 (11am - 9pm, Mon - Sat; 11am - 6pm, Sun)

food diary
tea with milk
cheese toast
liver mee suah [half portion of mee suah only]
garlic bread
some salad
a lot of calamari
three slices of wood-fired pizza
few bites of tiramisu and ice-cream
[No Beebee! Such self-control!]

Monday, June 7

of mice and men

Random thoughts triggered by indulging in chocolate mousse for lunch:

Watched a subtitled Korean programme yesterday that introduced a delicious chocolate moose.

My mum once wrote on her list of things to bring on holiday: hair mouse.

My sis gets confused between mouse and mice, feet and foot, house and hice.

My friend Mousey runs like a mouse.

food diary
ham and cheese muffin
one slice watermelon
tea with sugar
chocolate mousse cake
half fried fish
spinach soup
green apple
two Beebee
two teaspoons bird's nest

Sunday, June 6

almost over...

Only a few more hours before my two weeks away from work is over. It's been so hectic, I feel like I've barely rested. What have I been busy with?

Dressmaking class almost every alternate day -- completed a fuchsia flare skirt, a tube dress and a pretty underskirt

Set up sweat shop, got myself a mannequin from my lurve and played with the fancy embriodery settings on new sewing machine

Three trips to Arab Street and People's Park to source and buy cloth

Movies -- Troy [laughable delivery of lines and check out the giant head on Hector's baby], Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind [tear-jerking without being sentimental], Y Tu Mama Tambien [what can I say, besides Diego Luna butt naked, literally, from the word go?]

Reading -- Sex And The City by Candance Bushnell [the book that came before the show is so flat], In Full Bloom by Caroline Hwang [basically chick lit with Korean gal in New York], June Brit Vogue [nothing much and very anorexic issue]

Doctor appointments with Chinese sinseh and Western doc [both agreed that baikar situation isn't improving]

Three trips to Ikea [and three free drinks]

Two trips to StarHub to fix cable TV

Dinner with the gals

Lunch with the ex

Indulged in daytime telly, mainly Oliver's Kitchen

Major facial session [skin isn't improving either]

Chopped hair off

Revamped blog after much tweaking of mysterious HTML

food diary
Sausage bun
tea without milk
half packet chicken rice with egg [roast chicken, breast meat, without skin]
mee siam
Thai-style stir-fried chicken
kailan in oyster sauce
half packet Calbee BBQ flavour [not that fantastic, not salty enough]
two Beebee
six fruit gums
two teaspoons of bird's nest [have been taking it for past couple of nights, but forgot to record]

Saturday, June 5

isn't it lovely?

Started work on a Grecian-style dress in teal and just bought lilac lace to match. Too lovely for words, and I haven't even cut the cloth yet. All I did in class today was work on the paper pattern and continually admire the fabric. Very bimbotic, I know.

food diary
four sotong balls
tau huay
salted duck porridge
fabulous four-hour dinner party by Chef Chan which included:
walnut and baby spinach salad with orange and horse radish dressing
daikon soup
pan-fried venison with brussel sprouts
lobster spaghetti with some sort of cream sauce
white peach sorbet [or was it sherbert? I get confused]
Japanese koho grape puree
expensive dark chocs in pretty box
red wine
red wine
dessert wine
countless bellinis [hic hic hic]

Friday, June 4

sweat corner

Inspired by the sweatshop Mousey set up in her spare room, to clear some space for all my dressmaking barang barang and my spanking new sewing machine. Since every available space in my place is occupied by furniture and knick knacks, I had to rearrange all the furniture in my room to accomomodate a hot pink table I got from Ikea. Now I've got my very own sweat corner.

After all that lugging and assembling and moving and sweeping and cleaning, I'm now too tired to do any actual sewing. Or to do anything even. When I messaged my friend to tell her I wasn't going to Velvet tonight, she replied: "You geriatric sewing freak."

food diary
two egg tarts
siew mai
tea with sugar
three Ikea chicken wings
small tub of potato salad
half glass 7-Up
two pork chops
half an orange
half a pear
two pieces keropok
peanut candy
two Beebee

Thursday, June 3

gone too soon

Happily flipped through the TV guide to see what I can watch. Turned on to Channel 60 and let out a loud "Nooooo". Free cable was gone.

As my friend who works at StarHub said: "I am god. I giveth and I taketh away."

food diary
Tako sashimi
miso soup
tuna bun
two peanut candies
two Beebee

Wednesday, June 2

vesak day

By some fluke, my cable TV box suddenly has almost all the channels available, including HBO and Nickelodeon. Brilliant. Wasted the night watching The Scorpion King instead of finishing up my sewing for class.

food diary
yong tau foo
veggie with oyster sauce
half bowl of rice
half bag of fruit gums
three peanut candies
steamed fish
stir fried bean sprouts
half bowl of rice
half a pear
one slice unripened mango [super sour and yummy]
one piece of chocolate
three Beebee [would have had four but watching Fear Factor put me off]

Tuesday, June 1

food glorious food

This being a new beginning and all, I've decided to post my food diary online. Hopefully, broadcasting how much I eat will spur me to lose weight.

My goal is to be able to fit back into these two dresses I have -- one from London a year ago, which I have to hold my breath to zip up, and another from Barcelona three years ago which I don't even dare to put on now for fear of bursting it at the seams.

food diary
mini pandan cake
Burger King Whopper meal [couldn't resist, cos I had the coupon, but at least I didn't finish the fries]
prawn paste chicken
fish noodles with XO sauce
Hong Kong kailan in oyster sauce
four Beebee [felt sick after dinner, so had to have more Beebee than usual, cos as we all know, Beebee cures all ills]