Saturday, July 31

this is how i pose

The horrible site which has been hosting my site has gone down and taken all the pix on this blog with it. Demmit, this is the price you pay for being cheapo.

So here's testing out yet another free site with my ugly mug shots.

food diary
one slice chicken pie
two sotong balls
soya bean milk
yong tau foo [devoured all the noodles cos was starving]
half packet wasabi chips
a lot of cuttlefish [so smelly until I had to stop before the pong filled the whole house]

Friday, July 30

food diary
one sip of Milo
strange mayo and fishball bun
fish soup [with 10 spoonfuls of rice]
barley drink
salad with balsamic vinaigrette at Original Sin [very exciting and yummy]
porcini pasta [shared between four carbo-hating gals]
few forkfuls of chocolate mud pie

Thursday, July 29

food diary
peanut butter sandwich
chicken rice [half portion rice, breast meat]
barley drink
poached salmon [with two bunches of broccoli and no potatoes]
three fried chicken wings from Ikea
tea with sugar
lychee ice cream
more smelly cuttlefish

Wednesday, July 28

food diary
fish soup [half portion noodles]
barley drink
stingray with belachan
some veggie
murky lotus root soup
half a pear
smelly cuttlefish

Tuesday, July 27

food diary
giant chocolate chip cookie from New York
two popiah
wanton horfun [half portion noodles]
ikan bilis
smelly cuttlefish

Monday, July 26

eight nights in bangkok

More updates to come -- if I can find the time -- on very eventful trip to Bangkok, including the worst hotel in the universe, the light as feather souffle, counting from one to 10 in Thai, and finding all six seasons of Sex And The City one hour before departing for the airport.

Oh, and lots of painkillers for baikar.

food diary
Italian style Korean instant noodles [that's what the schizo packet said]
Thai-style chicken
veggie in oyster sauce
fishball soup
smelly dried cuttlefish

Friday, July 16

kit kat

Dot Dot Dot will be taking a break for a week or so, while I'm in Bangkok. Yes, again. It is, after all, my favourite shopping destination.

food diary
lor mai kai [errrr, I think it's glutinous rice with chicken, in plain English]
tea with milk
half portion chicken rice
fish soup [soup only, no fish]
beef horfun
barley drink
handful of ikan bilis

Thursday, July 15

repeat to fade

This has been the soundtrack in my mind the past few days. And
are the images that go with it.

food diary
jam and bread
dumpling soup [with, like, three mouthfuls of vile noodles]
three pieces tofu
some chilli sotong
bean sprouts
fish and tomato soup
steamed fish [not too sure if my Mum actually cooked steamed fish, but she does do so with alarming frequency]
two pieces of chocolate

Wednesday, July 14

and when it goes

Love is a rush of wild wind,
the scent of a summer rose,
a whistle blowing on a distant track,
and when it goes,
it goes.

food diary
half-boiled egg
fish horfun
watermelon juice
fish yee min
prawn paste chicken
veggie with garlic
Three pieces of chocolate

Tuesday, July 13


Which is your deadliest sin?

I’m talking about the seven deadly sins depicted in the movie Seven, you know. Oh, and also mentioned somewhere in that holy book known as the Bible.

My choices would have to be vanity, followed by gluttony and envy in a close fight.

But the deadliest sin of all for me is not among those seven. It’s procrastination.

"Why do today what you can put off to tomorrow?" -- That’s my motto.

food diary
tea with milk
peanut butter on bread
liver mee suah [half portion mee suah]
grape and aloe vera juice
steamed fish
veggie in oyster sauce
dried beancurd skin soup [sounds horrid, but is delish!]
small portion rice
few pieces of watermelon
two deformed pieces of chocolate [originally heart shaped]

Monday, July 12

midnight at borders

While browsing at Borders yesterday evening, my eyes landed on a very familiar book cover -- Hanif Kureishi's Midnight All Day.

And I could still remember all too clearly the beginning of a line from the book which I read in London. Yet, as I stood at the "3 for 2" bargain table, jostled left and right by those not interested in the piles of Milan Kundera and Banana Yoshimoto, and leafed through the book looking for the rest of my favourite line, I just could not find the right page.

The feeling that overwhelmed me then was that of seeking, seeking, seeking something that I know is there, within my reach -- but not being able to find it.

Finally succumbed and trawled my blog for the post which I wrote almost exactly a year ago. Am I doomed to always return to the past to search for what I want?

"We are unerring in our choice of lovers, particularly when we require the wrong person. There is an instinct, magnet or aerial which seeks the unsuitable. The wrong person is, of course, right for something -- to punish, bully, or humiliate us, let us down, leave us for dead, or, worst of all, give us the impression that they are not inappropriate, but almost right, thus hanging us in love's limbo. Not just anyone can do this."

food diary
tuna bun
duck noodles [lotsa veg, very little noodles, extremely fatty breast meat]
tea with sugar [it's pouring outside and I need something to warm me up. Brrr.]
carnivorous quantities of beef and chicken kebabs with a couple of pieces of naan

Sunday, July 11

someone else

My stomach muscles are still aching from laughing too much on Saturday night at Ginnie's farewell [sniff sniff] party.

The theme was to dress up as someone else -- we drew lots and most guys ended up as girls and vice versa -- but it ended up more like a party for trannies and crossdressers. There was the Seattle Girl gone mad with purple hair and hula antics, the amble-bosom TPL with super solid neh neh that was prodded endlessly the whole night, and tudung-and-boxer wearing Gaya who was decidedly non-Halal. May have to get permission from the guilty parties before I circulate their pix here, though.

The night ended in a juvenile [but hilarious, nonetheless] game of Sardines in the numerous rooms in that big house. Ginnie had to hide and the rest of us had to look for her and join her in her hiding place.

So there we were, more and more of us squashed and prone on top of a double decker bed. There was the danger of being discovered, of the bed collapsing onto the puffer fish in the tank below, and of asphyxiation and giggling to death.

Ginnie, donch go!

food diary
lor mee
two glasses home-made barley
smoked salmon salad
unwanted green mussels from pizza topping
half an Aphrodisiac [chocolate mousse cake which is THE official cake of the Romancing Singapore movement!]
one Beebee

Saturday, July 10


After a few days on waiting list, we finally managed to get tickets to Bangkok next week.

My favourite Asian city was surprisingly over-booked, even though it wasn’t the school holidays or long weekend or festival. Turns out that people were converging for an AIDS convention. It figures.

food diary
fried beehoon
three otah
three sotong balls
one slice banana cake
assotement of party food such as chicken wings, fishballs and satay
indeterminate units of alcohol

Friday, July 9

yum mee

As seen on the sticker on my plasticky bowl of instant noodles:
Fashion Tom Yum Mee
This bowl to be able to use inside microwave suffer 120 deg C, but open the lid before to use everytime.

food diary
hot chocolate
hotdog [do you know the difference between hotdog and sausage?]
soon kueh
half some kind of chive kueh
Fashion Tom Yum Mee

Thursday, July 8

four eyes

It was a slow day at work on Tuesday, so a like-minded colleague and I snuck out for a spot of shopping at Salvation Army during lunch. Ended up bagging lots of books from our childhood -- Enid Blyton, Sweet Dreams, trashy romance novels. So happiness, so nostalgia, and so cheap too.

For those who grew up on Blue Dragons, Red Dragons and Green Dragons, here is what esteemed children's book correspondent Tan Keng Yao has written. [For those who are still clueless, I pity your deprived childhood.]

You know it's an Enid Blyton storybook when:
-- Twins are always one boy and one girl
-- All children mentioned in the book are inevitably goody two shoes
-- That is, unless they are meant to be bad children who will inevitable be reformed at the end of the story with the aid of other goody two shoes
-- One day spent in Fairyland will equal one hour in the human world
-- Fairy dresses can be woven out of sunshine and mist
-- Rabbits and squirrels can talk
-- Toys come alive only at midnight
-- Unless they need to alert their owner about a fire in the nursery, which is when they can come alive anytime
-- Boarding schools for boys don't exist
-- Boarding schools for girls are run by old spinsters
-- You get sent to coventry for bad behaviour
-- A railway system runs in a rabbit tunnel
-- The word "cross" is used to describe someone who is fuming mad
-- Tea parties always consist of treacle pudding and warm lemonade
-- When the children catch colds, they are not allowed to attend parties
-- Adults always discourage children from reporting each other's misdeeds to them. They call it "telling tales"

food diary
weird bun with mystery meat
dumpling soup
mutton soup with French loaf
steamed fish [so vile, yet my Mum insists of making it so often]
cauliflower and carrots
half bowl of rice
half an orange
one pear

Wednesday, July 7

food diary
hard-to-swallow peanut butter on dry bread
strawberry cheesecake
handful of grapes
tomato soup
black pepper chicken
veggie in oyster sauce
half an orange
one pear
one Beebee

Tuesday, July 6

food diary
half tuna sandwich
seafood soup [no evil carbos]
whole bunch of artificially-flavoured grape sweets
radish and vermicelli
spinach soup with fishballs
baked salmon with Kewpie mayo
four otah
handful of grapes [real ones this time]
handful of lychee [or were they longans? I can never get it right]
half a papaya

Monday, July 5

bora bora

One side effect of watching too much Discovery Travel & Adventure channel is wanderlust stirring in my blood. Fell asleep thinking, "I must enter contest to win holiday in Bora Bora." And sure enough, I dreamt I was basking in the sun on a deck chair in a gorgeous bikini [which looked suspiciously like the one I so covet from the Women's Secret catalogue].

Woke up with, alas, no sun tan, and a burning question: "Who should I bring with me when I win the contest?"

The more I pondered over the [moot] question, the more depressed I got. I can't think of anyone to go with who would have listed me as his/her first choice.

food diary
one small slice French loaf
tau sar bun
one-quarter minced meat noodles
aloe vera and apple juice
chicken chop [without skin]
shocking amount of popcorn

Sunday, July 4

food diary
prawn dumpling
chee cheong fun with char siew
half bowl century egg porridge
three choquettes from Delifrance
tuna and mushroom pastry thingy
loads of Pringles
two Beebee [after abstaining for so many days, I finally caved]

Saturday, July 3

food diary
vast assortment of barbecued food, including fish balls, sotong balls, chicken wings, otah, curry chicken [but on the bright side, very little carbo]

Friday, July 2

food diary
Swiss roll with cheese
half bowl mee rebus
bite-sized Indian food
one-third Caesar salad
one-third spaghetti vongole
one-third lasagne

Thursday, July 1

food diary
two soon kueh
rickshaw noodles
vegetables in oyster sauce
four steamed dumplings
barley drink
chocolate biscuit
fried rice
spinach soup