Saturday, February 24

sibling revelry

My doggie and his brother, as puppies. I admit it, I squealed out loud when I saw the pix.

In a Turn Left, Turn Right plot twist, it turns out that his brother is now just living two streets away.

And in other sibling-related news, my sissy is coming soon to relieve my boredom and bringing Mushroom Swiss from Burger King for my dinner.

made to measure

How slow a day is it in the shop today? So slow that I could make my own measuring tape, all 17 inches of it.

The fine print reads "MADE WITH LOVE BY SWIRL". The devil is in the details. The devil makes work for idle thumbs. The devil made me do it.

Thursday, February 8

meet mrs browner

lady in red update

Remember the lady in red incident?

Our curses must have worked and a zip must have burst to remind her of her debt of gratitude [as well as debt of actual money].

She finally turned up last week. Without asking how much the emergency alteration cost, she willingly paid $50.

Tuesday, February 6

vivocity vivacity

I had never been to VivoCity until last week, when I made up for lost time and went twice in a week.

It may be huge and rather soulless, but it does have Tangs and Daiso, even if I didn't care that much for any of the other shops.

And by the way, the service at Tangs was impeccable, even when all we wanted to purchase was an el cheapo $15.90 wallet. Plus, none of the salesgirls stopped me or laughed when I posed on their giant pouf.

Like my new helmet head?

Friday, February 2

happy birthday to me

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts!

I have no idea what I've been doing that should leave me so tired at the end of my four days of leave, because I've been nothing if not self-indulgent:

- Dinner on Sunday night with the family at Crystal Jade [seems like everyone has their own fave dish at Crystal Jade. Mine's the red oil dumplings. What's yours?]
- Facial for the first time in a year, followed by pedicure, followed by dinner at Prego, followed by dessert at Mennotti
- Chicken wings at Ikea and then shoe shopping at Queensway [bought two pairs of shoes, including a pair of Crocs. Don't call the fashion police. They were really comfortable!]
- Haircut [in which Timen showed me a shampoo girl with a mushroom haircut and then proceeded to cut my hair into something totally unlike it. But I still look cute. Ha!]
- Bought chocolates for Randolph [Yes, I know dogs will die if they eat chocolate, but this is to fulfill the Dog Law, according to his ex-owner. In return for the doggie, I had to give him something sweet. So I gave him Royce chocolates.]
- Randolph's former friends came over to play and there was a huge barking session along my street, and I got to play with more than 10 dogs in a day. Happiness!
- Dinner at Waraku. Shabu shabu = lurve
- Massage at Haach, in which the masseuse freaked out over the bruises all over my thigh, courtesy of Randolph's welcome home pouncing.
- Lunch and shopping with the auntie brigade at VivoCity for the first time [Bought another two pairs of shoes and a wallet]
- Huge load of laundry
- Bath time for the smelly doggie

I also fed the doggie meds and walked him twice a day. In fact, I'm so obsessed with walking him now that when I fell asleep during my facial, I woke up with a start and thought, "It's time to walk Randolph."

In between all that eating and pampering and dog-walking, I also found time to finish watching 24 episodes of 24 Season 5.

I need another few more days off to recover.