Tuesday, March 30

twenty ten

It's almost April, which means I have had this blog post brewing at the back of my mind for three months. Procrastination rawks (or maybe nawt).

So instead of a laundry list of things to accomplish this year (cf. 34 Things To Do Before 35), I've decided to keep it simple for 2010:

Read 20 books: Am already past the mid point, but reading more will not hurt, right? I'm on the lookout for new authors to read, please leave suggestions of your favourite books.
Cook 10 meals: Made pancakes based on the IHOP recipe, but I still can't stop thinking about the real thing.

Perform 20 random acts of kindness: Work in progress.
Meet up with 10 old friends: Soon, soon! We've been meaning to meet up for months, I know.

Buy 20 items of clothing: Everyone gives me disbelieving stares when I tell them that, even when I clarify that bags, shoes and accessories do not qualify as clothes. Loot so far: two skirts, one pair of culottes and one romper. (Shopping haul from New York and Tokyo at the beginning of this year does not count. Why? Because I said so.)
Make 10 crafty things: So far, I have made some pom pom flowers. Oh, and arranged some instant photos on the wall above my bed into a shape that is either a heart or a lady part, depending on how dirty your mind is.

Wednesday, March 24


This will make your heart beat really fast -- but in an awesome way.

Monday, March 15

property fever

I almost committed the rash act of retail therapy by clicking on "buy" for these two pieces.

Child-like and innocent but with a touch of sinister. It's a canvas by Danielle Rizzolo for Urban Outfitters. Methinks my nesting instinct is kicking in.

Similarly, there is something innocent yet sensual and foreboding about this print by Samantha French. I can almost visualise how I would frame it -- dark wood frame, extra wide matting -- and where I would display it -- next to my typewriter and vase, both in various shades of pastel blue.

In related news, instead of buying cheap art, I went to an alldressedup warehouse sale and bought two skirts, two bags, one pair of culottes and a romper. The best buy was a $1,000 daylight-robbery skirt, marked down to $99. (More on this subject later.)

And in other also related news, I'm searching in earnest for a flat to buy, now that I have come of age -- as determined by HDB. Besides feverishly adding decor pix to my other blog, I've also been trawling property sites. Those property agents' snapshots of disorganised kitchens, dingy rooms and toilets in their "original condition" are slowly but surely destroying my soul. So much ugly contained within 645 sq ft!

Going to bed now to dream about how I would do up this amazing Tiong Bahru walk-up I saw online with a balcony adjoining two bedrooms and airy kitchen with its original mosaic tiles. Alas, it is out of my reach at a ridiculous $700,000. I'm sad beyond words.

Wednesday, March 3


I adore this acerbic camera-toting duck from What The Duck.


This one's for The Pukesome Mummy Blog: You can even publish your blog as a book, thanks to Blurb. Scrapbooking is so last year.