Tuesday, January 25

warning: this is about to turn into a decor blog

This blog post has been sitting in draft mode since last September, when, after a whirlwind fortnight of house-hunting in Tiong Bahru, I wrote a cheque as a deposit for a walk-up apartment that I saw for no more than 15 minutes. I think I spent more time pondering the purchase of a J. Crew handbag than on this.

In October, I signed away 25 years of my life to service the home loan, but even then, it didn't feel real. (This, despite the many sleepless nights.)

Even when I had the keys in hand -- on Christmas eve -- I didn't feel like the flat was mine, as the sellers were still living there for another three weeks (their new place wasn't ready).

Stepping into the vacated flat last weekend, it finally hit me. This will be home very very soon.

Now, let the renovations begin!

Thursday, January 20

property hunt

Dad: Yi eh agent gyo simi mia? (What is the name of that agent?)
Mum: Yi si Eh Eh Eh...Apple ah? (She is Eh Eh Eh... Apple, I think?)
Dad: Simi Apple? Wa Orange ah! (What kind of name is Apple? I can name myself Orange then.)
Mum: Kanna mmm si Apple leh. (I may be mistaken about her name being Apple.)
Dad: April si bo? (Could her name be April? That seems more likely.)
Mum: Ah, si! Yi si April! (Ah, yes! Her name is April!)
Dad: Mmm si May ah? Mmm si June ah? (Are you sure it is not May or June?)
Mum: Mai gong July ga ho. (Why don't you suggest July?)