Sunday, October 31

food diary
chee cheong fun
chicken, potatoa and carrot soup with macaroni [my fave food in the whole wide world]
two pieces of tapioca cake
KFC family feast
half packet of Calbee prawn crackers
one konyaku jelly
one glass green tea

Saturday, October 30

food diary
half packet fish ball noodles
five otah
half bowl cha soba
four slices tako
half plate chuka hotate
half plate tori karaage
green tea
orange cranberry juice
seven sticks of chicken satay
half a ketupat
some cucumber
three sotong balls
konyaku jelly

Friday, October 29

food diary
two tau sar buns
half cup of tea with milk
fruits and vegetable juice with wheatgrass [took a chance on the vile-sounding drink and it was so good]
diet Coke
fried chicken wing from Crystal Jade
suji biscuit
few forkfuls of oyster omelette, carrot cake and Hokkien mee

Thursday, October 28

food diary
three slices of mini pizza
tea with sugar
one suji biscuit
pho in chicken broth
Ya Kun kaya toast
tea with sugar
some chips

Wednesday, October 27

food diary
can't recall what I've been eating, exactly, for the past few days, but it includes:
pork ravioli
some soup
fried chicken wings
apple juice

Monday, October 25

food diary
two slices of biscuit
bacon and potato bun
tea with sugar
fishball soup
one slice watermelon
one slice rock melon
one taupok
one egg
some rice

Sunday, October 24

food diary
lor mee
honey with lemon
one-third packet of Roller Coaster
fried rice
one Yakult
three slices of orange
half a kiwi
two slices of pear

Saturday, October 23

dressmaker elf

Very productive day today as a busy dressmaker elf. Managed to wake up early-ish -- 11am is early considering that I left office the night before at 11pm -- and even had time to go buy some silk lining, zip, fake crystals and that wheel-roller thing for transfering patterns before going for dressmaking class.

Have cut out my cute navy blue cotton with mini sailboat prints, and will work on the lining at home tomorrow. Very excited about the bubble dress I'm making now.

Came home after dinner and continued in seamstress mode. Finally finished the scallop hem of my circular skirt. It's so beautiful, I can't wait to wear it, but still gotta sew some felt appliques onto it first.

Also gotta do alterations on another skirt I made. Oh gosh, so much sewing to do. As I've been lamenting a lot these days, "If only I have more time!"

Barely had time to enter my food diary this week, what with the crazy revamp of the papers. Have been arrowed to be in charge of the music pages, which is a joke because I have no idea most of the time what Chris Ho, S.Y. Whang and Chang Tou Liang are talking about in their columns. Had to go through an interview with a rapper which contained the word "bombakla". Since we're so not with it and don't know what the word means, we've been using it as a code word for any and everything, i.e. "Why is he such an asshole? Bombakla!" or "Bombakla, let's go for lunch."

Then there has been an influx of Bag It Now queries and orders due to a short write-up in Her World. And with new stock coming in next week, we're going to have another round of photo taking and mass emailing, so it's gonna be busy busy busy.

Where am I gonna find the time to have lunch?

food diary
half portion wanton mee dry
yong tau foo soup
one Yakult
one packet Roller Coaster

Friday, October 22

food diary
kaya toast
tea with sugar
teochew porridge with egg, tofu and sotong
watermelon juice
half a chocolate cake
one profiterole
unrecognisable Indian food [but yummy nonetheless]
veggie with garlic
Thai-style fried chicken
some rice

Thursday, October 21

food diary
Beard Papa cream puff
tea with sugar
Rotiboy [again! It's that good!]
four pieces of wheat biscuit
two pieces of white chocolate

Wednesday, October 20

food diary
pork floss on bread
half cup of Milo
chicken rice [you know the drill about half portion and breast meat by now, right?]
Rotiboy [ohmigod, it's so yummy! Sweet and savoury, crispy and soft, all at the same time!]
two pieces of pear

Monday, October 18

food diary
raisin muffin
half cup of Milo
half bowl of fishball kwayteow soup
half a chocolate cake
half an Indian rice puff thing
yong tau foo soup
veggie with mushrooms and vermicelli
some rice
some watermelon
half a pear
two squares of white chocolate

Sunday, October 17

food diary
century egg porridge
three cups of homemade barley [without sugar, tastes like longkow water]
half packet wasabe chips
half a piglet
four fried ikan kuning
veggie in oyster sauce
some rice

Saturday, October 16

er ling si liu

[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for 2046]

Have a new favourite movie -- 2046. Am never good at these movie review things, so will just borrow Clara's words: "It dismantles the idea of an ideal love, only to ressurrect it beautifully again."

food diary
half portion meepok dry
tea with sugar
four otah
three mini packets of seaweed and sesame crackers
giant Indian dinner with super sweet dessert
half bottle of Snapple Pink Lemonade

Friday, October 15

to all the pervs out there

I find it vaguely disturbing, after looking at my visitor log and how they came across my blog, that it has appeared in searches for "nakid mama" and "anal discharge pix". I'm beginning to suspect that Google is being used for unspeakable purposes.

food diary
Swiss roll
yong tau foo
two almond cookies
half a curry puff
large bowl of chocolate ice cream

Thursday, October 14

food diary
bread or cereal or something
polo bun [no, not the mint with the hole in the middle, but the Hong Kong bun which supposedly resembles a pineapple]
fried fish soup
one slice of watermelon
rice with baked chicken and veggie
two squares of white chocolate

Wednesday, October 13

turn left, turn right

Have once again managed to sprain my neck in my sleep. Working with limited head movements now.

Have also managed to become overly "heaty" -- nose started bleeding alarmingly after lunch -- and am developing a sore throat.

food diary
tuna bun
chicken rice [half portion rice, roast chicken, breast meat, lots of chilli]
tomato soup with fish slices
broccoli and carrots
some rice
two squares of white chocolate

Tuesday, October 12

broke broked broken

Oh dear, just realised I'm going to be very broke when my credit card bill arrives later this month.

Have to pay for my Dad's car -- don't get me started on why I've to pay for a car I don't get to drive or this rant will never end -- and my Phuket trip. Oh, and a very expensive hydrating facial after getting sun burnt.

Yet, I can't stop shopping. Shopping loot so far include:
-- two boat-neck tops from Zara
-- purple cardigan from Mango
-- nautical flip flops
-- turquoise cardigan from Ness
-- billowy top from Ebase
-- Shiny PVC clutch from Ebase
-- Silky pleated skirt from some Spanish brand I can't quite figure out

food diary
four mini sausages
one mini bun
one sunny side up
one teriyaki chicken burger from Mos Burger
one corn soup
half cup of pink guava
one-third cup of Coke
one-third box of sweet popcorn

Monday, October 11

new toy

Playing with my new toy. Is this Lomo or what?

The colours of Venice

Drip dry in Murano

Round and round in Florence

food diary
one brownie
three spoonfuls of cereal and raisins
herbal chicken with rice
can't recall dinner

Sunday, October 10

pillow talk

Woes with pillows the past few weeks. I feel like Goldilocks.

First, it was too soft, and I ended up spraining my neck and shoulder.

I bought a new one last week, and it was just the right firmness. But alas, it was too high, and the quality was so superior that no matter how hard I tried to squish it, it refused to be broken in.

Finally, my mom got me one which was nice and firm and not too high. But somehow, it affects my neck in weird ways, and my head tilts sideways, my mouth falls open, my drool flows out and I wake up with a slurp. Grossssss...

Perhaps what I need is the Boyfriend Pillow.

food diary
prawn noodles soup
very little rice with tofu, cabbage, pork chop and tiny fried fish
can't recall dinner

Saturday, October 9

food diary
one prata
four otah
tea with sugar
two sotong balls
liver soup
green bean soup
two yummy homemade brownies
one Yakult

Friday, October 8

food diary
wanton mee [half portion noodles]
kaya toast
chicken drumstick
Ribena Light
instant soup
handful of ikan bilis
two squares of milk chocolate

Thursday, October 7

idolising party

Can't concentrate on work, just counting down the hours to Singapore Idol tonight at 8pm, so I can see my David and Sly again.

Me: No Idolising Party this week. *Sigh*
Sissy: I have party with you at home lor!

Hooray! Think I shall buy some chips at least in preparation for the show. Less than three hours to go...

food diary
half a ham and cheese and tomato sandwich
tea with milk
cereal with raisins
one grapefruit
one wedge of watermelon
two deep-fried mini crabs
one packet sunflower seeds
cabbage, mushroom and chicken rice
one slife each of guava, orange and pear
two squares of milk chocolate

Wednesday, October 6

warning: holiday pix coming up

Baikar recovery procedure -- seawater and staying horizontal

Me and my lurve

On Bon Island [not to be confused with the famous James Bond Island, also on Phuket]

We only look nakid...

Suakus who have not seen coral before

I want my own infinity pool

Liquid diet -- frozen mango daiquiri!

food diary
ham and cheese sandwich [hehe, suddenly remembered the Phuket airport had a shop selling "sandwishes"]
tea with milk
Nanbantei obento set
stingray with belachan
cauliflower and mushrooms
one wedge of pomelo
one box of Lakerol

Tuesday, October 5

food diary
tea with milk
nasi lemak
an entire bag of cheddar-flavoured cheese [MSG craving!]
tofu and taugeh
my favouritest soup -- chicken, potato and carrot soup
one wedge of pomelo
two strawberries

Monday, October 4

food diary
tuna bun
chicken bun
tea with milk
steamed fish
half a piglet
one syrup-covered Chinese snack

Sunday, October 3

food diary
two otah
one cup of tea with milk
shrimp dumpling noodles
lots of papadom
yong tau foo
four large pieces of keropok

Saturday, October 2

captain underpants

Captain Underpants makes me giggle. Reading The Attack Of The Talking Toilets now. I demand to have all the books [even though I am not between the ages of 7 and 10].

food diary
one and half prata
one fish cake
half cup of tea with milk
two and half fried chicken wings
assorted ngoh hiang and fried beehoon
one Yakult

Friday, October 1

teenager/tai tai

Yesterday, we were behaving like teenaged girls again -- albeit with spending powers and alcohol-mixing abilities.

We screamed and drank and voted for our favourite Idols. David and Sly 4eva!

Today, I did my best tai tai impersonation. First up was dimsum lunch with the ladies, followed by a spot of shopping, and then a two-hour facial.

And then at night, it was back to being a prepubescent girl again to watch the Idol results and frantically SMS my vote one last time.

My phone bill this month is going to be scary. Must start budgetting and pacing ourselves, or we'd be broke by the finals.

food diary
half bowl of fish porridge
half a pear
numerous dim sum items
spicy instant noodles
half a pear
some ikan bilis