Tuesday, February 24


For the first time in my life, about a month ago, just a day before my birthday, I touched my toes. No, I am not exaggerating, I'm just incredibly inflexible. Or, as I like to tell people, my legs are too long.

But anyway, back to the momentous life-changing event, which happened after 90 minutes of the most mind-blowing yoga (it also reduced my limbs to jelly). Alas, the next day, I was back to feebly grazing my ankles with my fingertips.

The next few weeks, I managed to touch my toes on and off, always after an hour of human-pretzel yoga moves.

Then, last week, a breakthrough. Chilling on my mat while waiting for the others in the class to arrive, I stretched out my overly-long legs and casually leaned over. Well, you can guess the rest of the story and, no no no, it does not end with me emitting out a loud booort.

That's #4 crossed off my list.


Meredith] said...

lol. i used to fail/ almost fail sit and reach.

Zann said...

i used to cheat at sit and reach by getting my friends to push my back while i frantically nudged the marker forward with my fingertips!