Sunday, May 10

so searching

So. I'm absolutely swamped with the shop -- last day of operation is May 23 -- and there is a horrendous backlog here. I'm still stuck at posts from Seoul, I have photos to post from a Read Or Die! indie bookstore outing, and then there is that epic seven-hour Aware EGM.

Without further ado, I present the only Korean man I've ever found hunky -- the namby pamby sort like Rain or that Bae fella don't do it for me -- whom I chanced upon in Rough Cuts, a mindless and violent Korean flick, on route to Seoul.

If you are equally smitten, the following is a gratuitous music video that he stars in. Ignore the fact that the plot makes no sense whatsoever and the song is immensely forgettable.

Oh, in case you want to google for more goss, his name is So Ji-Sub. And I'm sad to report that while there were many fine male specimens roaming the streets of Seoul, none can compare to So.