Thursday, October 27

letter from a reader

Pardon me if i caused any inconvience to you.

During school days. I scored D7 for my 'O' Level English Language.

Is there any way or guide books, assessment book, etc, in improving one's command of english language.

For compostion. Until now, i still find it hard to write, express (had no idea how to construct) essay/sentences that pleased UK examiners and makers.

That is to make them developed in reading and marking my essays. Because they do have their own expectation in marking exam scripts.

Every time, i read the Straits Times.

I did not know how to construct/apply/use/relate ) the (articles/columns) on how the writer express his/her opinion, comment, view, ideas into composition writing.

The same apply to magazine reading. Also, for letter writing.

Should i read Forum column and tried to learn how the writer write or express their own view or opinion.

I rather retake my 'O' Level english language than take IELTS or TOEFL.

As for comprehension question and summary. Is it to practice ten years series exam.

For pronunication, is it to listen to 09:30 p.m. news, Channel NewsAsis, Radio 93.8 or/and BBC.

Illustration: The Straits Times Friday March 25, 2005.

Malaysia page 19.

Minimum entry to Australia and UK universities is a C6 pass in 'O' Level English Language.

Please kindly reply me with guidance or pointers.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

A local that passed Chinese Language with a B3 in 'O' Level.

delete enter delete enter

Back in the office after three months of "maternity leave" and had to spend half an hour clearing spam until my fingers cramped up. Almost accidentally deleted this swoonsome pix my colleague kindly forwarded me, which, of course, I have to share here. Can't wait for November!

Monday, October 24

diane arbus says

"It's like going around a mirrorless world asking everyone you meet to describe you and everyone says endlessly, "You have a face even as I do and your eyes are bluer and big", and even, "My smile when I look at you is you", but you don't believe it and then one day you bump smack into a stone wall and no-one hears you say ouch and your whole problem is solved."

I feel the same sometimes, too, except that I'm wandering through a House of Horror, down corridors lined with warped mirrors.

Sunday, October 23

en vogue

Some of you know how religiously I buy British Vogue every month, and how I'm still searching for those missing Jan and Feb issues from last year. A curse on you who borrow and never return my precious mags!

But recently, I've semi-decided to stop wasting $15 every month because there's absolutely nothing of value inside.

In November's issue, for instance, the most interesting thing I read -- I go through it from cover to cover and even use a bookmark -- was the contributors' page. The writers and photographers always sound so witty and with-it. Or at least they appear that way.

Mine would read something like:

"Lifelong phobia of butterflies and moths. Hoards old things, collects clutter and accumulates dustballs. Able to eat the same thing every meal for a week. Transparently bad liar. Bag lady, not shoe hag. Longs to keep a puppy called Comere. Thinks alarm clocks are the purest form of evil."

Monday, October 17

sun salute

Other alternative remedies I have contemplated:
-- Reiki: My housemate is a practitioner and has kindly offered to reiki me.
-- Colonic irrigation: A couple of friends are fans, but I'm not sure if I'm able to stick it up there.
-- Ayurveda: My colleague knows a supposedly good guru.
-- Bomoh: My uncle friend insists that I'm baikar cos I stepped on something "dirty".
-- Urine therapy: Some wacky reader wrote me an email expounding the benefits he reaped. I also saw something on CSI. But, really. Eeewww.
-- Algae extract: Looks really gross. Do I really wanna eat pond scum?

I wish to be more mobile quick, so I can go back to doing yoga. Now, I can't even sit in the lotus position.

Sunday, October 16

sunny side up

To fix my baikar, I've tried many alternatives -- smelly Chinese herbs, acupuncture, yoga shoulder stands, etc.

The latest one I've been tetsing out for the past couple of days is sunflower oil.

It sounds simple enough -- Swirl a tablespoon of cold-pressed organic sunflower oil in the mouth first thing in the morning for 15 to 20 minutes. Spit it out. That's it.

Supposedly, it cures a whole spectrum of diseases by cleaning the blood and stimulating the lymph nodes.

Read more about it here and watch this space for progress reports.

Wednesday, October 12

watch me

I neglected to shoot pix of the daily activity which takes up the majority of my waking hours. So here's a rundown of what I subject myself to in front of the idiot box in the name of entertainment:

-- Jewel In The Palace: Now watching it for the second time on cable, even though I know exactly what's gonna happen. I even know how to sing the theme song already...and it's in Korean.
-- War And Beauty: TVB drama set in the Forbidden City. But being the Hong Kong version of Jewel In The Palace, of course it is sexed up with four royal concubines trying to out-slut and out-bitch each other. Only three more episodes to the finale. I'm gonna be so bereft when it ends.
-- Triumph In The Skies: TVB drama about pilots with incredibly bad dubbing when the pilots have to speak to the control tower in English.
-- Sea Of Love: TVB drama about people working on a cruise ship.
-- White Flame: TVB drama about trainee nurse. What can I say? My evil twin and I share a love which does not dare to be named...we adore TVB dramas!
-- Twin Of Brothers: Yet another TVB drama with a title that cracks me up. Also in the subtitles is something known as the Evil Supreme Sarira. If you really need to know, the show is about two orphans who roam the "giang hu" and master some immortal skills.
-- House: The best show on TV. Why can't my doc be more like Dr House?
-- Love Airways: The "best" show on TV. Why can't my doc be more like Dr Love?
-- Nigella Bites: Food porn at its finest. I wanna be Nigella when I grow up.
-- Martin Yan's Quick & Easy: His entire vocab consists of "And then...And then...Beautiful...And then...Beautiful..." but his recipes are not bad.
-- Designer Guys: They make it look so easy, but of course it is easy when you have an unlimited budget and access to a nail gun.
-- Design For Living: The show sucks and so does the host, but I'm a sucker for decor shows.
-- Debbie Travis: One of the best home makeover shows, especially when compared to the crappy While You Were Out. I want Debbie to visit my home too.
-- One Tree Hill: Gave up after a few episodes. Too much teen angst. But I'll admit the boy is cute.
-- Everwood: This boy is cute too.
-- Gilmore Girls: Formerly my all-time fave, but now I'm tired of motormouth Lorelai.
-- America's Next Top Model: It's no fun cos I've already seen the final episode when I was in New York. And I'm underwhelmed by the quality of the contestants.
-- The Apprentice: Ditto.
-- Reruns of Globe Trekker, Amazing Vacation Homes, Travel Hit List, Beach Breaks, Planet Food and any other Discovery Travel & Living channel show.
-- Since I Met You: C-grade Korean drama shown every week day at 6pm, which is my family's dinner time, so we just watch for the sake of having something to on TV.
-- Survivor and The Amazing Race: I feel almost obligated to watch the "direct off satellite" telecasts in the day, just because I can. But I'm bored by them already.

Monday, October 10

days of my life

I spend my time reading...

And more reading...



And of course, admiring my feet.

Thursday, October 6

hidden treasures

"It's not really safe to love other people, is it?"
"I guess not."
"They never really tell you that."
"No. That part you get to find out on your own."
~ Martin Sloane, by Michael Redhill

Finally read a book which I'd grabbed to make up the number at a sale ages ago. Not only did I discover a gem of a book -- about memories and letting go -- but also the work of Joseph Cornell, an artist which I'd never heard of before.