Monday, June 26

swap sale

Geewee and I had braved an unfamiliar subway station at midnight to go for a swap sale in a Lower East Side bar. We had with us four T-shirts to swap. Alas, we were carded and denied entry at the door, because we didn't have a photo ID with us.

But being a tenacious cheapskate with a hoarder mentality [not a good combination], I'm now thinking of organising my own swap sale.

Would you lug your old clothes, books and CDs, and fork over, say, $10 for a chance to rummage through other people's castoffs?

tourist shots

Have been having problems sleeping since I got back four days ago. Slept at 2am, woke up at 6am. Am due back in the office today. It's gonna be a very long Monday.

Feel free to skip this slide show. Totally incapable of witty captions, after more than three weeks away from work. And am in awe of those who can post thought-provoking essays on their travels. Mine are more like, I was here, I saw this, I ate this, I was there, I ate that.

Since I'm proclaiming now how superficial I am, let me state for the record that I didn't step into a single museum in New York. And the Museum Mile festival was on too, with free admissions.

I'm a shallow shallow tourist.

See my pot belly? Scroll down to see what I've been filling it with.

Going to the sea -- Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Rhode Island -- wouldn't have been any fun without these travel companions.

In Providence. Not only is it the capital and largest city of Rhode Island, it is also divine providence that I made it there.

We got yielded on The Amazing Purchase and had to run to the train station with our bags of amazing purchases, panting over whether to catch a cab and is it ever okay to use the phrase "I told you so".

On the ghost train by myself, when I suddenly was transported from the New York subway back to the London tube. Journeys in empty carriages through time and space.

A happy train ride, which terminated at a Gay Pride Festival. Note my hoodie and alfielee T-shirt, both innocently emblazoned with rainbows.

like a kid...

... in a candy store. I think 40 flavours of jelly beans is a wee bit excessive.

... on a rickety, rattling, retro rollercoaster. Whiplash, anyone?

... on a metal contraption known as The Zipper.

... after being Zippered.

... on the largest armchair I've ever sat my tiny bum on.

... on the giant bed in the same hotel. There were two such Princess-and-the-pea beds in the room.

... playing with a Hello Kitty which looked like roadkill at Build-A-Bear Workshop, where you can, literally, build a bear.

... blowdrying my hair is a twice-daily ritual. Thrice, when I went to Friends 2B Made, where instead of building bears, you make scrawny girly dolls and dress them up.

yum yum yum

Dinner setting for eight. Half the set is now in Singapore, while the other half is in New York.

Bad photo of really good steak -- the best I've ever had -- at Peter Luger in Williamsburg. I'm a carnivore at heart, which will make my upcoming self-imposed detox very tough indeed.

The words "holy cow!" were uttered more than once in the consumption of this whipped-cream-and-chocolate-fudge dessert, which came with a chocolate-coated biscuit in the shape of a cow [what else!].

I made everyone sit below this sign at Katz's Deli. We might as well have worn badges proclaiming "tourist".

No one faked anything, even though it was the best pastrami in the world. Gumption and I walked 10 streets [or more] to satisfy our craving for it a second time. And it was so worth it.

Going bananas over a red pear.

A special cake for a special someone. Happy birthday a couple of weeks in advance!

A perfect spring day at the Shake Shack. Warm enough to ditch the jacket and even wear shorts. I'm sure Mousey is drooling now in memory of the bun.

Wednesday, June 21


Lips that even Angelina Jolie would die for.

The smallest nose in the world.

Trying to look as normal as possible.

More pix to come. But let me get home first. Leaving tomorrow morning. At last.

Monday, June 19

square one

The vagaries of international air travel.

I had my three brainless magazines, fake pashmina, comfy hoodie, rose water facial spritz, Kiehl's lip balm, mineral water, granny-looking DVT-prevention stockings and emergency exit seat all ready. And then my flight got delayed for an hour. And then it was delayed indefinitely. And then it was cancelled.

I was forced to lug the equivalent of 125% of my body weight in suitcases from the conveyor belt, shove them out to the arrival hall, roll them out of the terminal, haul them onto the mini bus, wrestle them into the tiny lobby of the Holiday Inn, push them along in a queue, manoeuvre them between constantly closing lift doors and down a threadbare carpeted corridor into a depressingly anonymous hotel room.

Then I collapsed in bed.

Like a hapless refugee, I ventured out to scavenge for lunch and dinner with the pathetic meal vouchers which could get you nothing edible. Leather strips masqueraded as beef and tomato-covered sponges pretended to be lasagne. They wouldn't even give me water, just soda. I wasn't allowed to use the phone in the room unless I put down a deposit and I couldn't charge my mobile phone because the staff claimed that the hotel had no adaptor.

By 10pm, I couldn't take it anymore. The thought of having to stay put in the hotel until Wednesday morning made me feel a mounting sense of desperation, impending panic attack, cabin fever and brain meltdown -- all at the same time. I hopped onto a cab and paid the exorbitant US$60 to go back to Manhattan.

A tedious 15 hours after leaving a teary Ginnie, I'm back where I started.

Tomorrow will be my last day in New York, hopefully for real this time. Any suggestions on how I should fritter it away?

ice cream coney island

Secret footage of me gettin' a lickin' while eatin' ice cream cone. It's not called Coney Island for nothin'.

Beg me hard enough and I may even repeat the performance and that classic line at the end.

Sunday, June 18

flying solo

Here's a little something to ponder over while I'm breathing compressed air in confined space and eating compartmentalised food at 50,000 feet.

-- There is nothing sexier than a sense of humour. Apart from being really good in bed.
-- Any woman who says women can't have strings-free sex is stupid.
-- Any woman who says she does have strings-free sex is lying.
-- You should never date someone you met on the Web. Or at a club. Or at work. Or who is the friend of a friend (or friend of a relative). In short, don't date.
-- If you have sex on a first date he'll never respect you.
-- If you don't have sex on a first date you'll never see him again.

So says sexpert Belle de Jour.

pack brat

Have been behaving like a pack brat for the whole night. I really detest packing, especially when you have way more purchases -- will blog more about Ginnie and my version of The Amazing Race, known as The Amazing Purchase, later -- than suitcase space.

Exploding suitcases aside, the thought of swollen feet, crying babies, beer-belching fat ang moh and "chicken or fish?" for the next 22 hours is enough to make anyone truly depressed. That, and saying goodbye to Ginnie.

Saturday, June 17


Have been rolling in laughter almost every night since I've been here over MXC -- Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. [It's brainless TV, so don't ask why it's not MEEC.]

For those who remember Takeshi's Castle fondly, check out these clips.

Tuesday, June 13


The requisite touristy shot at the spot where Sally dropped off Harry.

Alfie bored by the rain.

Ginnie bored by the rain.

The threesome at the Shake Shack. We are determined to return when it's warmer and we can take off our jackets to enjoy the marvellous burgers and shakes, butofcos.

The threesome again.

Compartmentalised dish as art and a crazy girl moving at the speed of light in a congee shop in Chinatown.

Best fried chicken ever at Sylvia's. That sleepy jet-lagged dude went off to fly an Airbus within the next 24 hours. Gulp.

These yelping, somersaulting dogs. They're everywhere, even the malls of America. And you thought they were only outside Lucky Plaza.

Yelping, somersaulting dog in action. I've always wanted one.

This one's for you, baby. Sorry about the retarded facial expression. And Rector would've been a most unfortunate name.

Suckered by Project Runway to go to Mood Fabrics. Ugly and expensive cloth. Didn't even run into Tim Gunn.

Sunday, June 11

Saturday, June 10

to market to market

No, we didn't make a killing at last Sunday's flea market. We lugged two suitcases worth of clothes over and made a grand total of $25. Didn't even cover the stall rental, but we had lots of fun. See Gumption & Outstanding's blog for photos.

Friday, June 9

apple of my eye

At the mostest beautifullest Mac shop in the world at 5th Avenue...

Mousey and I laid hands on the mostest beautifullest MacBook in the world...

And decided to become Ganga and Jamuna...

Before going a little Warhol...

A couple of Jay Chou pai kia wannabes...

And then we pretended to be Japanese tourists.

Wednesday, June 7

divide by two minus fifteen

Temperatures have been hovering persistently just above the 60 deg F mark [to convert to deg C, use the handy formula above].

And to make matters worse, it has rained every single day except yesterday. Not just drizzle, but downpours that flood the subway system, turn umbrellas inside out and make you want to crawl back under the covers. Which was what I attempted to do today, but was dragged out to Chinatown to eat congee [anyone knows how to pronounce?] IN THE RAIN, then to eat eggtarts IN THE RAIN, then to Barnes & Noble at Union Square IN THE RAIN, then to Sylvia's in Harlem IN THE RAIN [even thouhgh it was for the bestest lightest friedest chicken in the world].

When will the rain ever stop? This is like a replay of last year's wet feet debacle -- except the feet are in much better shape this time round. Thank God for small mercies, I guess.

[Photos to come, if I ever get round to uploading them.]

Tuesday, June 6

buy buy bye bye

Shopping loot so far:

-- Tweezerman tweezers in hot pink [Hopefully the last pair of tweezers I'll ever buy in this lifetime. And now to look for an equally lasting man. That one no need to be in hot pink.]
-- Two low-cut sundresses
-- Flip flops with cherry prints
-- Cutesy pair of heels with daisy prints
-- Two pairs of boxers for sleeping
-- Five pairs of cute boy shorts
-- Plastic white bangle in the shape of a bow
-- Wrap top
-- Two miniature pink flamingoes
-- Two bird hooks
-- Strange sticky jelly thing to paste on mirrors [Don't ask. They're cute.]
-- Dangly earrings
-- Bumble bee striped top
-- Red-white striped top
-- Brown polka dotted make-up pouch
-- Blue polka dotted top [See a pattern emerging here?]
-- Plastic rose ring
-- Rose brooch
-- Mao-style hat [Which I'm sure I'll never wear in Singapore. But it complements my hair so perfectly. Bimbo!]
-- Shorts with suspenders
-- Clutch with impossible magnetic clasp that will giap you
-- Six decreasing size melamine bowls in rainbow colours
-- Four melamine plates in blue and green [I lurve melamine!]
-- Muffin tray
-- Marvellous T-rex T-shirt from
-- Three black stools [Stools for sitting. Not those of the turd variety.]
-- Kiehl's lip balm [Plain and tinted. Simply the best. Vaseline, Blistex and even Carmex can't compare.]
-- Gifts for friends and family [Meant to be a surprise! So can't say here!]

This list is more for my own benefit -- to remind me how much I've spent -- than for anyone's reading pleasure. We're off to Brooklyn tomorrow for more buy buy!

In other bye bye news, Alfie has gone home, leaving us with a blocked toilet bowl. We were forced to take the plunge on our own.

doughnut be jealous

June 2 was Doughnut Day. We each got a free doughnut of our choice -- original glaze, butofcos! -- at Krispy Kreme.

Going uptown in the a downpour and being stuck without a subway ride back and having to walk. It was all worth it. But I think Alfie might disagree.

Krispy Kreme consumption so far: 6

Other yummy food consumed include:
-- Popeye's fried chicken [Take that KFC and your lousy non-existent 10-piece $7.99 bucket]
-- Joe's Pizza [Used to be delivered by Spider-man]
-- Seafood bisque from the soup nazi [five hours after drinking it, I'm still thirsty. And full]

Coming up:
-- Corn dog [which contains no corn]
-- Deep-fried Mars bar
-- Shake Shack burger

I'm so putting back on all the weight I lost from that vicious bout of flu.