Monday, June 26

yum yum yum

Dinner setting for eight. Half the set is now in Singapore, while the other half is in New York.

Bad photo of really good steak -- the best I've ever had -- at Peter Luger in Williamsburg. I'm a carnivore at heart, which will make my upcoming self-imposed detox very tough indeed.

The words "holy cow!" were uttered more than once in the consumption of this whipped-cream-and-chocolate-fudge dessert, which came with a chocolate-coated biscuit in the shape of a cow [what else!].

I made everyone sit below this sign at Katz's Deli. We might as well have worn badges proclaiming "tourist".

No one faked anything, even though it was the best pastrami in the world. Gumption and I walked 10 streets [or more] to satisfy our craving for it a second time. And it was so worth it.

Going bananas over a red pear.

A special cake for a special someone. Happy birthday a couple of weeks in advance!

A perfect spring day at the Shake Shack. Warm enough to ditch the jacket and even wear shorts. I'm sure Mousey is drooling now in memory of the bun.

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