Tuesday, April 5

run for your life

Loser friend:
Wat u up to?
Me: Just went running. On a Friday night. I'm a certified loser.
Loser friend: A trimmer loser.
Me: The biggest loser, you mean.
Loser friend: Please. I slept my nite away.
Loser friend: You don't want to start a bigger loser game cos u will lose.
Loser friend: Paradoxically enuf.

That I'm a hermit who doesn't go out on weekends is not news. The shocker here is that I have taken up running. Three times a week at night. After clocking in 10 to 12 hours at work. And I actually look forward to pounding the pavement every time. Okay, stop laughing.

I'm following this Couch to 5K podcast and of course my OCD streak won't allow me to miss a session or quit before the end at week #9. (I'm currently at week #7, but seriously, it seems impossible that I can cover 5km in another two weeks.)

I've become such a running geek that when I see joggers along the road, I find myself following their strides and noting things like whether they are heel or forefoot strikers.

Yes, all those times I muttered "freak" under my breath as a jogger breezed by are coming back to bite me in my -- hopefully trimmer -- ass.