Friday, June 5


Paula Begoun - You Dont Need an Eye Cream - The best video clips are here

I've stopped using eye cream for close to a month now (after watching the above Paula Begoun vid) and I honestly do not see or feel any difference from using just my usual moisturiser.

Not only do I save money (average of two tubs a year at $80 each), I also shaved off precious seconds off my beauty routine (by not having to dig through my drawer for the eye cream, unscrew the lid, lift off that redundant plastic cover, etc).

Come back in five years' time and I'll let you know if my crow's feet have become super prominent due to my little experiment.


Meredith] said...

I'm a 80% believer that you don't need a separate cream for your eye area. I remember speaking to some brand person who said they came up with an eye product simply cos women kept bugging them for one, when actually, their moisturiser was good enough.

the other 20% is cos my eye area cannot take pdts that are too rich. tends to develop those irritating oil seeds, and i worry that some of my moisturisers will be too rich. but that goes back to her point that all you need to worry about is whether the texture is suitable for your skin i guess.

Midori said...

can i be absolutely radical and say you don't even need moisturiser? and that you can use mild liquid soap to wash your face?

Zann said...

i just changed moisturiser and now it seems too rich for my eyes! i'll have to monitor this.

and sorry hor, not everyone has perfect skin like ms midori. i die die need moisturiser. my skin cracks and peels when i forget!

i used to see a skin doc when i was a pimply teen and he told me to wash my face with water, no soap, no cleanser, no nothing. i blame him for making my skin problems worse!

Meredith] said...

i think the water or pared down routine thing only works if you've been doing that right from the beginning. once you've started on products, it doesn't seem like there's any going back.

but of cos, it could just be genes.