Wednesday, December 26

easy to please

I'm so thrilled by K's Christmas gift to me of a toothbrush holder. It has the same colouring as my doggie! I think he likes it too!

Tuesday, December 25

happy festivus

Here's my Christmas gift to one and all -- especially all the fellow aunties out there.

If you've ever been driven to the brink of insanity when trying to fold fitted sheets after washing them, here's how to get them all nice and flat.

Saturday, December 22

100% christmas

It's not Christmas until I hear Wham sing, "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..."

I still haven't heard that or "Do they know it's Christmas time at all?", but I'm sorta in the mood after splurging on the most darling sweater (above) at Topshop. 100% wool, 100% handmade, 100% warmth. (Oh, and 20% off the regular price. Yay!)

And next year, the elves will get their act together and produce Mr Brown (not pictured), Mr Browner (left) and Mr Brownest (also not pictured) for sale. Hugging them is instant 100% happiness.

Here's wishing everyone warmth and happiness this Christmas! Big hugs from me and the Messrs Brown.

Thursday, December 13

of gingerbread & men

A furry human-sized gingerbread man came to the office yesterday. I was freaked out and fascinated at the same time. I couldn't stop staring at him but I didn't dare to go close to take a photo.

I believe he tried to eat some log cake, but failed because of his mouth does not open. He brought us a very large cake in his likeness which we were very thrilled with. Many photos were snapped.

No one could bear to do an autopsy on the cake, so it just lay there till the end of the day. What a waste of a perfectly good cake. So XY and I decided to follow the altruistic example of News Desk and send it to a children's home. BC very kindly drove us there. We hope there were some very happy kids at Grace Haven last night.

This is a palm-sized gingerbread man I got from one of the countless Christmas hampers in the office. He looks perfectly cute and innocent -- until you look at the junction of his legs.

Now for the "men" part of this post. There aren't any, which is a problem. A problem not so much for me, but for my Mom. She now has this idea to matchmake me with an old neighbour's son who looks very 老实. Apparently his mother was the one who approached mine. I'm horrified beyond words. Shall I tell her I have a thing for gingerbread men only?

Saturday, December 8

knit pick

Give me two sharpened broomsticks and yarn as thick as my wrist, and I will make you this scarf in any colour you want. If you sprain your neck, it is because the anaconda around your neck weighs approximately 5kg. Giles scarf, US$2,150, as seen in Marie Claire December 2007. Via Jezebel.

Too bad I don't have the right tools. This is what I just made instead. It weighs a mere 200g. Don't ask why I need a scarf in Singapore.

Saturday, December 1

all i want for christmas...

Since we started playing Christmas albums in the shop -- Bette Midler, Mariah Carey and Diana Krall on rotation eight-and-a-half hours a day -- I've been pondering and editing and rearranging my [shallow and materialistic] wish list.

It's so cold in the shop that I feel like I really really need this Kimchi & Blue Ruffle Coat from Urban Outfitters.

Miniature Leica digital camera, also from Urban Outfitters. Look how cute and small it is. Oh and it's packed with nifty functions too. A Polaroid camera would do nicely too, but I would ask for a year's supply of film, which is the killer part. But actually, I have my eye on a prosumer camera, specifically, the beautiful Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1, which I even dreamt that I had in a lovely aquamarine colour.

For the domestic goddess in me trying to get out, I want a transparent crock pot. [Every time I say "crock pot", I associate it with "crock of shit".] Unfortunately, I can't find any in Singapore. The auntie at the electronic appliances shop gave me a weird look and asked, "How can the clay pot be transparent?"

I've kicked my addiction to glossy mags, but I wouldn't say no to subscriptions to Domino, Dwell, Blueprint and ReadyMade.

Chloe Edith bowling bag in black, red or brown. Even a fake is fine by me, that's how much I covet it.

Santa, are you listening?