Friday, March 27


Actually, it wasn't a good morning at all since we had to meet at 6.30am.

It was March 21.

We were on a road trip to Melaka.

We did some perfunctory sightseeing.

But our main agenda was to eat.

In our bid to consume 10 meals a day over 2 days, we braved smelly alleys...

...and crazy kueh-buying aunties at Baba Charlie's. (That's Charlie's mom, an oasis of calm in the madness, placidly rolling kueh kueh.)

By 4pm on the first day, we were stuffed and on the verge of heatstroke, so we sought refuge in Voyage Cafe.

There were eight of us altogether, destroying the tranquility of the cafe with side-splitting games of Hokkien verbal Pictionary.

However, none of my travel companions appear in the three rolls of film I shot.

There are also few food shots, even though we did consume 13 meals (total of 32 food items).

Instead, I took a lot of photos of laundry.

Brief encounter.

Matching wall.

I took the chance to practise my pseudo arty shots.

This so remind me of my Grandma's shophouse, down to the cabinets and furniture layout.

What time is it?

Time to head home. And that's #29 crossed off the list.


peanut butter wolf said...

Much as I hate fb, I'm so used to it, I was looking for a thumbs up sign below this post so that I could click on it.

Zann said...

thumbs down to FB! hahahahha

faster upload your photos leh!