Friday, September 23

asos wtf


I'm back.

Sort of.

In my long absence, I have renovated a flat, married off a sister, moved house, lost 4kg, started working night shift and become an Asos addict.

On top of feverishly saving items to my Asos wish list (all the better to monitor price drops!), I have also started downloading these pix which amuse me no end:

"Wow, I look squarer than Spongebob!"

"This smudgy pajamas-like thingy is putting me to sleep."

"This is the best smile I can manage in this monstrosity of a dress."

"Helpch! An alien seahorse is growing out of my ear. I think it's trying to tell me something..."

"Welcome to the circus. I'm the tent."

"You'd look pissed off too if you had all that excess fabric hanging off your ass."

"I make this wardrobe malfunction look good."

"I'm just doing this to pay the rent."