Friday, June 24


Cindy is 10 years younger than her teacher. Her teacher is four years younger than her sister. Her sister is twice Cindy's age. How old is Cindy?

Does this bring back nightmares of PSLE problem sums?

Went out with my sis and her student last night. The generation gap is staggering.

While having dinner, her student made sure that there was no vegetables in her meal, because her surname is Cai. I, on the other hand, was having a healthy salad.

While shopping at Tangs later, her student looked on in bored amusement as I excitedly compared bedsheets and threadcounts, and exclaimed over $248 dustbins. And rolled her eyes when I tried on a cheongsam that was on sale.

While driving home, she was utterly aghast that we were listening to Class 95 and proclaimed that she would never ever do that even when she is old. Give her another 10 years, I say, and she'll be humming along to "golden oldies" with us.

Monday, June 20

barbie girl

Almost all the painting is done at my new place. Almost all of it is pink. No wonder my neighbour has dubbed it "Barbie's doll house".

I can't wait for the bed to finally be there so I can sleep over. And then we can start having housewarming parties.

Come on, Barbie, let's go party...oh oh oh yeah...

Sunday, June 19

remembrance of things past

I'd all but forgotten about these images which I'd seen and loved, until I stumbled across this postcard which triggered a slideshow in my head.

Image hosted by
Andreas Gursky, 99 Cent

Image hosted by
William Eggleston, Untitled (Boy In Red Cardigan)

Image hosted by
Martin Parr, Common Sense

Also stumbled across Parr's Love Cubes game, circa 1972, but still fascinating to play mix and match.

Still trawling the Net for the image of a cuppa on a table cloth. Sudden nostalgia for good ol' England.

Friday, June 17


Was happily setting up my appliances -- microwave oven, hot water flask, toaster, mini crockpot, and very crucial for this tale, electric stove -- without noticing that certain switches were by default turned on.

In fact, the stove hobs were dialled all the way to maximum. And I went upstairs and did my own thing for at least a couple of hours without realising that.

Luckily, M felt the waves of heat emanating from the counter and turned the stove off.

Even before I moved in, I'd almost burned down my new place. I'm a fire hazard. Help!

Sunday, June 12

loving thyself

This was edited out of a column on Mr And Mrs Smith:

I could make a lot of dirty jokes about that here, but I'd probably end up in a lonely cell where I'd have to use my own hand for a long time.

So was this item from a list of holiday programmes for primary school kids:

They will also learn about themselves through a self-exploratory exercise linking to their fantasy future. Finally, they will also find out what it would take to reach their golden goals.

Saturday, June 11

amused muse

Image hosted by

Jean Michel Basquiat did a Self-portrait With Suzanne, while Leonard Cohen tried to woo Suzanne with music.

Somebody, Dance Me To The End Of Love.

Friday, June 10

more waiting

Attraction is over-rated.

Always be polite, even when you are goddem pissed off.

I should start practising my smile in front of the mirror.

I dislike fickle people. Even though I can be pretty fickle myself too.

Every day at work makes me wonder how I'm going to hang on till bonus time.

I have honed procrastination to a fine art.

Having your ears cleaned by someone you love is the warmest, fuzziest feeling in the world.

After painting my room green, I've realised that my favourite colour is still blue.

There are more shades of white paint than all the other colours combined.

I lurve it when people -- well, it's only one very prolific person -- leave blog comments.

Thursday, June 9

while waiting

It is possible to be mesmerised by a sparkling chandelier.

Some people just rub me the wrong way and some the right way.

It is sad to have nothing but one carton of Coke in your spanking new fridge.

Ikea has the best chicken wings in the world.

Char Siew is a good name for a dog.

I will have no more life after Swirl launches next month, let alone any chance of a love life.

Two days of work wipes out two weeks of vacation. Photos help to alleviate the pain only slightly.

I have a water heater but no shower gel. I have a stove but no pots. I have a bedroom but no bed.

How did I ever live without broadband?

I have only taken half of my allocated 28 days of medical leave for the year.

I'm due to write Girl Talk. Again. I can hardly believe it. Any suggestions of topics?

I'm haunted by a new New Order song which I don't know the title of.

Isn't it a marvellous idea to motivate students by promising to flash them if they get a good grade?

Does anyone remember Herman's Head?

I have given up trying to catch up on my reading.

Why isn't blardee Gmail working so I can reply email instead of typing out these random thoughts?

Wednesday, June 8

pixel pixie

Now that the "essential" New York tourist pix have been posted and shared, here are a couple of non-crucial shots.

Image hosted by
Let them eat cupcake!

Image hosted by
Kaleidoscope souvenir which I now regret giving away.

Ok, now that I've finally overcome jetlag, I will stop talking about New York too. But that doesn't stop me from wishing I was back there.

Tuesday, June 7

happiness is...

...reliving your holiday through photos. Work can wait.

Image hosted by
All the NYTCs at a picnic in Central Park.

Image hosted by
NYTC and me at the Guggenheim, where we were heard plotting our own version of Daniel Buren's stripes, but in polka dots.

Image hosted by
I screamed. And screamed. And screamed. Poor Alfie's ear drums. Then I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. Even the Zipper ride operator was laughing [prolly because he gave us an extra terok ride, but not that I'm complaining].

Note: I dunno why my pix are having the pixelated porno effect again. I think Photo Bucket is screwing with me.

Thursday, June 2

Once again, I am suddenly wide awake at 3am, even though I made sure I tanked up on super duper painkillers to knock me out till morning.

Perhaps it's the stress of all the things we need to do before we can move into Chip Bee. Just off the top of my head -- I have a more comprehensive written list somewhere in my trusty notebook -- these are what we need to do these two weeks:

-- wiring of power points
-- buy and make chandeliers
-- installation of lights
-- installation of aircon
-- painting the entire place
-- installation of SCV
-- settle rental payment stuff
-- print name cards
-- hassle website design guy
-- write press release
-- fix sizing on clothes samples
-- buy fridge, stove, microwave oven, etc for kitchen
-- buy toilet cabinets, racks, etc
-- look for second-hand washing machine
-- transport furniture from a couple of different locations
-- repaint some old tables and bed
-- set up stock-taking, inventory and receipt system

Hyperventilating now.

Wednesday, June 1

new york state of mind

Just when I so smugly thought I wasn't jet lagged at all -- I wasn't when I arrived in New York -- I found myself wide awake at 3am.

After fiddling with my holiday snaps and listening to Billy Joel for the past hour, I'm more wide eyed than ever and still mourning the end of my vacation.