Friday, May 25

the tour has no depose

This photo is dedicated to my lurve. "As know as de base. The tour has no depose."

Since I have been accused of not updating my blog -- and since I have some time to kill while waiting for my flight back -- here's a quick round-up of the buying-cum-eating trip to Hiong Kong earlier this month.

-- 50 cute brooches
-- 11 different types of fabric, 50 yards each
-- 5 days in Hong Kong
-- 4 pairs of shoes from H&M
-- 3 tim sum lunches at Maxim's
-- 3 cups of Hui Lau Shan mango-strawberry drink
-- 2 bowls of wanton noodles at Mak Noodles
-- 2 bowls of beef brisket
-- 2 trips to the post office
-- 1 bowl of sotong ball noodles

While Mousey had her unborn child -- tentatively named Bobo Wong -- I had mine too. I called him Tim. His father's surname is Sum. He grew at a tremendous rate during the short trip.

And the suitcase which can double as a murder accessory? It was filled completely with jersey on the way back.

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tishbite said...

Bobo Wong is a great name! They should keep it. And yes, Ms S, I've been pining for your return...