Friday, April 17

me x 3 = self-portraits

I had a "I also can do" moment when I saw these book covers. I'd like to think mine is more artistic (hand-drawn with marker), more environmentally friendly (recycling crinkly paper that is wrapped around clothes from boutiques that want to be classy) and much cheaper. Well, free, actually.

Doggie likes to wash my face in the mornings -- with his tongue.

I'd been looking for a merry-go-round for a long time, not knowing that there is one within walking distance of my office. It's a mini version, but I still had a giddy goody time.


Anonymous said...

merry go round can be found at tiong bahru park!

Zann said...

tiong bahru park! great, thanks! i will check it out before my project 365 ends!

Midori said...

i love your book covers! can you make some for me that say rude things? like "get your own book, twerp"? hahaha.

Zann said...

how about "bugger off"? then i won't get hand cramp from colouring the letters.

next, i wanna make "good book" and "book worm", but i'm open to suggestions!

Midori said...


1. Mine
2. Trashy
3. Cheem