Thursday, December 8


ME: Actually, what does kum lan really mean ah? I mean I know it's vulgar
HE: Um
ME: Anything with lan is so not good
HE: Something to do with the [brinjal emoji] I think
ME: Yes but what is kum?!?
ME: OMG what did I just say? I'm laughing now
HE: In English or hokkien?
ME: Yes, I'm laughing cos I realised in English it's bad too
HE: U too funny
ME: Tears streaming down my face now
HE: Ouch it's beginning to hurt
HE: My stomach that is
ME: But seriously!!! What is kum?!?!
HE: Idk, what else can one do
ME: I laugh until 内伤
HE: U should google it
ME: So someone would kum lan until he kum?
HE: I'm guessing someone else kum him...but to be sure u should google it
ME: Wo bu xing le! I'm hysterical!
HE: I'm gonna do that now
ME: I dun dare to. I may go into fits
HE: Google it that is
ME: Stoppit please I beg of you
HE: According to urban dictionary...To **** a [brinjal emoji]
ME: Ohhh so it cannot be erm done by oneself?
HE: Idk y anyone would want to do that
ME: I thought it was a self service type of action
HE: No it's lip service
ME: Stoppppppppp
HE: Ok enuf...My stomach cannot take anymore
ME: Wait I got one more!
HE: Oh no
ME: What is pooh boh kia??? Someone told me today about it
HE: Wait I google
ME: I never hear before!
HE: Neither have I...pooh boh is pigs wife isn't it?
ME: Apparently it means motherfucker
ME: Obviously my hokkien sub standard
HE: Googling it gets pooh bear
HE: Apparently ur hokkien spelling also not so hot
HE: Should be pu bor
ME: How does that translate to motherfucker!?
ME: So pu is errr fornication? Bor is mother?
HE: Guess so
ME: Kia is kid rite?
ME: So a kid who fucks his mother = motherfucker!!!!!!
HE: Wah yes!
ME: OMG it's quite brilliant

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