Thursday, March 7

and i wonder why i have chronic shoulder aches

My twin and I have been wanting to do this blog post for quite a while now -- we are procrastinators of the first degree -- and we have finally got off our asses to do it.

Presenting my version of Urban's Bag Page:
1. Giant tote from Madewell, lipstick scarf from H&M
2. Rabbit-shaped grocery bag
3. Another grocery bag
4. Yet another grocery bag (don't ask me why I need so many)
5. Crumpled receipt (only showing you one of many)
6. Print-out of recipe for green tea muffins I want to make this weekend, red Moleskine notebook, mints and mini colourful markers from Muji
7. Pouch to contain all the items in #6
8. Carrot to contain earbuds
9. iPhone with Doraemon charm
10. Keys with giraffe keychain
11. Wallet with dino print from Asos
12. Card case from Tila March
13. Donut to do my giant bun
14. Brolly from H&M and ziplock for when it's wet
15. Shades from Muji
16. Make-up pouch

Other back-breaking items I sometimes carry (not pictured): lunchbox, yoga clothes, iPad, a particularly un-put-down-able book, slippers or flats, cardigan or scarf.

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