Saturday, October 10

fun taiwan

Sickly traveller. I infected the two people next to me in this photo before the trip had ended.

I managed to stage a miraculous recovery by Day 3 though. I attribute it to the amazing powers of the pineapple bittergourd soup.

Varying degrees of success in the art of levitation.

Attempting to fly without falling off the cliffs of Mao Kong.

Spontaneous jumping the moment we arrived at the Mayday concert venue.

Post-concert high jumps.

Blown away by the strong winds of Green Island.

Last day on Green Island. Farewell jump with the sporting minsu auntie we called Tian Ma Ma.

You wouldn't have guessed I'm actually afraid of mushrooms.

* I have never actually watched an entire episode of Fun Taiwan because the host, Janet Hsieh, annoys me so much I have an urge to hurl my remote control at the TV. And I really tried, especially before the Taiwan trip, so as to get an idea of places to visit, but I could not tolerate her act-cute voice.


orangeclouds said...

what fun! love the pix and the illustrations (amazing levitation powers there).

It's true, you know, if there ever was such a thing as a 'tair' American accent, Janet Hsien's would be it.

Anonymous said...

Ah forget "fun taiwan"! 《食尚玩家》 is so much better! :)