Sunday, December 24

doggone it

I'd set my heart on Dipsy after seeing him on the SPCA website yesterday.

So bright and early this morning, we set off excitedly to get him, with blankets and newspapers and all. But alas, being too cute for words, he'd already been adopted the day before.

I'm sad. I was looking forward to bonding with my doggy over Christmas, a rare day without any work whatsoever. Instead, I'm spending it watching Ugly Betty in bed.


dogdogdog said...

good for you! i'm so glad you're considering adoption :)

don't despair. the right one will come along one day. good things in life are worth waiting for...

merry xmas from nz!

Zann said...

You have to save me from frostbite! Both my heaters -- the one in the office and the one in the shop -- have conked out! New Zealand got heaters for sale anot? They use the same voltage as us right? I'll pay any price you name for you to lug two back for me! Please!