Friday, December 29

sub zero

I know, I know, it's ridiculous that I'm wearing a trenchcoat AND a scarf in Singapore AND indoors. But I'm cold cold cold.


orangeclouds said...

why does your hair look so perfectly tousled? what's your secret? hahaha.

happy new year to you! here's to a year of pretty clothes and good men.

Zann said...

The secret is Tigi Bed Head's Creative Genius and Gatsby hair wax. Oh and a good haircut from Timen.

To a 2007 of great hair and great men!


peanut butter wolf said...

My poor twin! I was just as cold a few days ago because I didn't know the hotel room here had a heater! So I didn't turn it on! What I would have given for some heat! What happened to your office heater?