Monday, June 4

jet setter, jet-setter or jetsetter?

Before you accuse me of being one, I must protest that it's hardly the case. I'm just a frequent-flyer-miles exploiter and unable-to-resist-junket junkie.

Too much ca phe sua da -- I <3 Vietnamese coffee! -- at 10pm is a bad idea. So after banging out a banal story on the latest collection of a luxury brand totally irrelevant to me, except for the fact I took its junket, I will now run down some numbers from the latest Vietnam trip:

6: Men on the same trip
5: Of which were gay.
4: Ca phe sua da making sets bought
3: Extremely chi chi restaurants, none of which as good as the cramped banh xeo shop down an alley filled with broken motorbikes and a makeshift manicure "parlour"
2: Times I've been to Ho Chi Minh in as many months
1: Bathrobe I contemplated accidentally packing into my suitcase from the very Raffles Hotel-esque Park Hyatt. Until I saw on the price list that it cost USD 50.

Photo above of the sand dunes of Mui Ne, from my infinitely more enjoyable first trip to Vietnam with my sissy, even though we stayed in crappier hotels, ate cheaper food and endangered our lives more by riding pillion on bikes.

Next, I'm off to Provence. Don't hate me!

[Call me suaku, but I only just last week found out what <3 meant. What to do, I only got to know about Facebook last month. And Pandora last year. But oh oh oh, this blog just celebrated its third anniversary a few days back. I'm not sure how that makes me any less suaku.]

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tishbite said...

Too late - hates you already!

Provence! Argh!