Sunday, June 17

not quite a year

Five days in Provence, with non-witty captions and not a single food picture. And I did finish reading A Year In Provence in a fit of last-minute research, but it became quite plain to me by Day 2 that Peter Mayle and I were in two totally different places.

St Tropez -- just saying the name is so glam.

Wish I could paint...

St Tropez -- where Karl Lagerfeld was spotted [not in photo] and four AA batteries cost 7 euros.

I like umbrellas and deck chairs, whether or not they are on a beach in Cannes.

Heady from the rich scents in the perfume factory in Grasse, perfume capital of the world.

Sweet, sweet smell of soap [and tourist dollars].

Miss Suaku here first time see olive trees.

When the French inform you that the nearest village is "10 minutes away", be prepared for a long, if picturesque, walk of at least half an hour -- uphill.

The fortified village of St Paul de Vence, apparently the only one in France.

Fountain of Some Historic Importance, St Paul de Vence.

View from the fortress.

Trust me, even this sort of gorgeous view gets boring after a while.

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