Thursday, September 28

pr offensive

Lately, I've been dealing with this PR girl.

She's poised and perfectly groomed. Good dress sense too. Not conventionally pretty, but feminine and sweet. Long-haired and slim, butofcos.

From past experience, I expect PR girls to be incompetent airheads or fake air-kissing wannabes, but she is none of those. Intelligent, well-spoken, always polite and helpful even when I forget to email her my questions as promised. Or when I can't be bothered to give her the time of the day when she calls. Like today, for instance.

For, despite how inoffensive she is, I hate hate hate her. I imagine this is how his girlfriend to be -- she is exactly his type. And he told me before that she works in PR.

I feel an insane and irrational urge to be truly nasty every time I have to deal with this poor innocent PR girl.

Clearly, I have unresolved issues.

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