Wednesday, September 6

see through me

On Monday, to stave off the blues, I wore an OZOC dress that I had stun from my sissy, seeing that she's away in China again.

It was a diaphanous dark navy blue, all chiffony, really lurvely, with cream piping and a silky ribbon, and a nude-coloured lining below.

Unbeknownst to me, however, it was also translucent, horrendously so.

Only the forthright Ms C was frank enough to tell me that she could see my G-string when I bent over. But I didn't realise it was that bad until I happened catch a glimpse of myself in the loo, with little left to the imagination.

But by then, it was too late. I had already shown half the office my skimpy black underthings.

[No photos accompanying this post, for obvious reasons.]

Post script: My sissy says, "At least you were wearing nice undies!"


peanut butter wolf said...

If it's any comfort to you, I didn't notice!

mm said...

i didn't notice either! maybe vision was clouded by painkillers...