Monday, August 2

bag it now

Because I'm such a poorly paid journalist who lurves to shop, I have to resort to doing this on the side.

But dun tell my boss...ssssshhh...

food diary
fried rice [very big plate, cos it was fried with mother's lurve]
tea with sugar
dried fruit covered with dried yoghurt
lobster linguine
souffle [which can't compare to the feather-light one at Mes Amis in Bangkok, a must-try that is to-die-for]
one forkful of chocolate cake
one forkful of sago pudding
smelly cuttlefish [gosh, it sure is one big bag I bought from Bangkok, unfinishable!]


Anonymous said...

Milo onie for the entire day? aiyoh...

To answer your queries:
-- Are noodles more evil than rice?
Well it's not THAT evil, just that most noodles contain oodles of fat (instant noodles contain about 15g / a pack of large Mac fries contain 22g, i rather eat the fries) when they're made, with the exception of Mee-Sua.
Steamed rice, on the other hand, is almost zero in fats. But then again it's not exactly a Complex Carbo which burns more slowly in your body to provide consistent energy throughout the day. But as its name suggeszt, Complex Carbos is a complex tale best left for another day.

- Are potatoes the most evillest or bread? And what about my mostest favouritest carbo, pasta?
Eh... it's like comparing apples to pears to oranges. Should eat rice, breads, potatoes, and pasta in moderation.

-- Is it true that I shouldn't eat carbo after 8pm?
It's really up to you, but rumour had it that a past Calvin Klein undie model Antonio Sabata Jnr who had a ripped torso, did countless ab crunches every night and abstained from carbos after 6pm.
If you eat like 2g of carbo (eg. a pack of Wan Wan rice crackers) just before u sleep, it wouldn't hurt your diet drastically.

-- Is fresh fruit juice better or packet ones like Peel Fresh [which claim to have no sugar]?
I think you mean "No Added Sugar". Each tetra pack of 100% pure fruit juice contains up to a startling 30g of sugars, such as grape juice. Think 5-6 teaspoons of white sugar. There are better ways to get your antioxidants and vitamins. Then again, some fresh fruit juices such as watermelon and starfruit. Cooling stuff, but not too sweet.

-- What can I take in place of my daily Milo? Is tea with half teaspoon of sugar ok?
Yup, we all still need sugars. Skim or low fat milk should be readily available in your fridge.

-- How bad is Beebee, anyway? It's such a small packet wat!
Apart from being a virtually nutritionless sodium orange snack, think a visit to the main Bee Bee factory may wean you off it for a long time. It's like finding out more than 60-70% of ordinary salami contains by-products such as hair, skin, salt, perservatives, etc. Sigh.

Saw your bag site!
May I get a manly tote-bag named after me? Am thinking of swinging one for a gym bag for practical reasons, but then quite gu-niang. Plus it's positioned too perfectly for armpit sweat.

Anonymous said...

11pm and i'm having half a cup of home-brewed chrysanthanum tea, 4 big pieces of watermelon, a handful of vinegar-cured japanese squid, one salty tao-sar-pia, and 1 melatonin pill. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... Your replies to the anonymous commentor of your diet is so funny.

Have been wondering who's the person behind all those comments about your diet? Do you know him/her?

Is he/she concern about you or just simply trying to be funny?


Zann said...

Hahaha the anonymous commentor is my personal nutritionist lah...and both the above comments were from him!

I hope to one day develop the same level of fanatism as him, with regards to my diet and health.

Just had very healthy snack of guava, watermelon and honey dew...but ruined it all by consuming large handfuls of ikan bilis.

Anonymous said...

Oops!!! Oh I see... =p

Hee hee... Wow! You have a personal nutritionist... That's so nice... How did you find one? Expensive?

And I didn't expect such a fast response!!! You working??? And you made all those bags??? The model is you, right?