Thursday, August 5

plucking the chicken

Had to go hold the hand of a friend who was getting his eyebrows plucked for the first time. Actually, I made him do it [in the name of journalism] and he agreed, only to try to chicken out later when he found out there was going to be pain involved. Like, DUH!

Anyway, he didn't shed any tears, but since he seemed traumatised by the brief 15 minutes and removal of a few precious strands of eyebrow hair, I bought him lunch and an eclair [which I then made him share with me].

Besides the fact that men are babies when it comes to pain, I also learnt today that eclairs are not a type of food that is meant to be shared. They are too messy and too yummy.

food diary
potato and ham bun [I know, I know, it has lots of butter but I had nothing else to eat for breakfast]
one sip of Milo
mushroom linguine in cream sauce [managed to give away about one-third of it]
passion fruit Italian soda
half an eclair
half a bottle of Snapple
instant chicken noodle soup [only 60 calories!]
two Jacob's biscuits
lots of ikan bilis
three BeeBee [I caved! I didn't have dinner and I was hungry while watching The O.C.]

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