Friday, August 6

curse of the white orchid

I've put off listing the litany of complaints against the atrocious White Orchid Hotel in Bangkok, even though I feel it's my personal responsibility to warn off anyone who may ever choose to stay there in the future. Everytime I tell people about it, I relive the nightmare.

-- There were foreign [ie. blonde and curly] hairs on my pillowcase.
-- There was no windows in the room.
-- Hence, the air was bad. What made it worse was the air-con which was blasting at top volume, circulating the same bad air in the room.
-- The fridge also contributed to the whirring sound of machine in the room, and was so old and dirty, my orange juice felt contaminated after spending a night in there. There were no little bottles of alcohol inside [not that we would have taken any of it].
-- There was only snow on TV, but we could hear our China neighbours enjoying Thai shows at top volume, especially since they preferred the communal style of living and left their doors open.
-- There was a worm in my veggie at breakfast.
-- The toilet gave off a sewage smell whenever anyone next door did some big business.
-- The hot water flask was coated with a strange brown residue which did not inspire confidence.
-- The brown bedspread, which had clearly seen better days as had everything else in the room, was covered in what looked like bak hu [pork floss]. When I woke up, I found my clothes had remnants of bak hu on it too.
-- The brochure claimed that the hotel was "recently renovated". It was printed 20 years ago.

food diary
tomato and fish soup
cabbage, mushroom and vermicelli stirfry
10 spoons of rice
half an orange
half a pear
three chocolate fingers and half a soda cracker
large hot chocolate from Spinelli's
some oyster omelette and Hokkien mee
ramen in collagen-rich soup and tori karaage
two cups hot honey
some mixed nuts

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