Wednesday, August 11

material girl

Gone are the off days when I could sleep till 11am, not get outta bed until after I'd watched Jamie Oliver cook, have a leisurely brunch and then read magazines in bed till dinner time.

Have been off the past two days, but busy as an overworked elf with selling bags, liaising with website designers and seamstresses, sorting through a mess of receipts, and basically planning for the launch of our new label, which, fingers crossed, will have its first piece ready by September.

Just went to Arab Street to source for fabrics this morning. Now, it's off to send some bags off in the mail and then to Chinatown to source for more materials, specifically pique cotton [it's pronounced as pic-kay by all the cloth uncles, and we kept mocking them for saying it in such an LC way...until we realised they were right all along].

food diary
chicken bun
tea with milk
Chu Qian Yi Ding with bonito flakes
chocolate malt balls
black pepper salmon
tofu soup
some veggie
some rice
half a small papaya
One Beebee
Cuttlefish [unable to resist opening the second giant packet I bought from Bangkok]

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