Tuesday, August 17


Trying to look on the bright side of another two days of MC and ferocious pain in the baikar:

-- No need to go to work
-- Watching Susilo beat the German while lying in bed on a warm drowsy afternoon and feeling more patriotic than I ever did on National Day
-- Being waited on hand and foot because I can't walk without intense pain and lots of grimaces
-- Finishing the reading of one chick lit [courtesy of book reviewer gal friend], one Calvin & Hobbes omnibus [which took my mind off the pain for a bit], one Sweet Dreams story [from a Salvation Army trip some time ago], one period bodice ripper [ditto], half of Hanif Kureishi and half the latest Vogue [British, of course]
-- Re-discovering Ranma on Channel 19 at 6pm
-- Tidying up the accounts for Swirl [which were in a mess, cos we have absolutely no accounting background and are also fond of losing receipts]
-- Watching The Importance Of Being Earnest on DVD
-- Being able to wallow in self-pity and receiving lots of care, concern and prayers [thank you!]

food diary
one Beebee
fried fish
stir-fried veggie
tofu soup
an orange

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Your baikar problem sounds so bad this time! Do take care and hope you can find the root to your baikar problem soon. Rest well...