Friday, August 27


Text message exchange on compliments, reproduced here with compliments (and cleaned-up grammer).

Me: Hey, someone told me today that she finds you incredibly good-looking.
K: Really? Who?
Me: This butch girl who has the hots for your ex.
K: I knew it. I never get good-looking girls thinking I'm hot. Next time don't bother to tell me lah.
Me: Any compliment is better than none, right? Just like a wolf whistle from even a lao tigo is appreciated.
K: That's sad.

food diary
tau sar pau
tea with honey
chicken rice with egg [felt so decadent throwing away the egg yolk while an egg shortage is going on]
barley drink
fried rice
one Beebee
orange and apple
two pieces of sugar-free chocolate

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