Friday, September 17


I have been working almost non-stop for the past 12 hours or so. Fridays at work are always a bitch, but more so than usual today.

First, I had to re-draw an entire page because the concert organisers refused to cooperate and we had to downplay the story on Blue. [Frigging arrogant Brit boyband nobodies, but that's another story for another day.]

Next, a fashion spread turned out to be not much of a spread due to lousy photos. Then I had to open my big mouth and alert my boss that one of the pages wasn't assigned and guess who had to do it?

Just when my final page was done, the photo on my page decided to hang the entire system and I had to reboot. As I was sorting that out, another page ran into problems, and I had to recrop the photo on that one too.

By this time, all my colleagues had gone home.

Finally, when my system was up again, the printing system went down.

And it is still down. And I'm still here waiting, waiting, waiting...

food diary
glutinous rice with chicken
chicken rice
half a ham and cheese toast
half a mini champagne truffle mooncake
one slice of teriyaki chicken pizza
one slice of apple caramel cake

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