Friday, September 10

strike a pose

I collect Vogue like other women collect vintage Hermes handbags. I can't bear to throw old copies away -- they're like time capsules of fashion -- and I never tear out the pages.

Last night, I had a surprisingly nice dream where I was briefing one of the cutest photographers at work about a fashion shoot, and I showed him a copy of Vogue.

The dream then turned into a nightmare when he proceeded to rip out those relevant pages. He might as well be ripping my heart out.

I woke up all distraught and, to reassure myself, had to quickly flip through last month's Vogue, which was of course, like a Bible, placed next to my bed.

food diary
one slice kaya toast
horrid rice with raw beansprouts, tofu and veggie
almost an entire packet of fruit gums
three crackers
two squares of chocolate
four sticks of satay
two cubes of ketupat
two slices of cucumber
instant soup
half packet of wasabe chips

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